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   Chapter 2687 A Good Talk

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Ever since Zen disappeared, his wives were helplessly quite worried about him.

Seeing him return unharmed, they felt describable relief and could finally put their minds at rest.

"I finally reached the divine land, but you didn't wait for me in the fairy palace. I was devastated," Margaret blamed in a hurt tone, burying herself in Zen's arms.

Zen smiled. "But I'm back now, right?" he coaxed.

"Yes." Margaret nodded obediently. She suddenly raised her head and looked warily at Letitia and Lavender who were standing not too far away. "Listen, they came to the divine land earlier than me so they were able to spend more time with you in the past. As compensation, you'll have to accompany me for the next few days."

A bitter smile spread on Zen's face. Margaret was probably the only one who could pull off saying such capricious words.

Although Margaret was speaking in a low voice, Letitia and Lavender could still hear her pretty clearly.

Letitia frowned and was about to talk back in retaliation. Lavender, who was beside her, held her arm and shook her head in negation.

What Lavender hoped for was very simple. As long as Zen could safely return back to her, then everything would be fine. She didn't need to be jealous of Margaret over such a small, meaningless matter.

Harold and the others patiently waited for Zen to come to them, even though they had several important subjects to discuss with him.

The first five minutes ticked by.

Five minutes turned into ten.

Before long, an hour had passed.

An awkward atmosphere unwittingly broke out in the fairy palace. Letitia had been stopped by Lavender, and thus, she could only resentfully criticize Margaret in her heart for not being reasonable instead.

Augustus simply couldn't wait anymore.

In a flash, he had already arrived at Zen's side. "Hey, Margaret, this isn't the time for you to be all gooey over Zen! We've got business to take care of."

"That doesn't concern you!"

A moment ago, Margaret had resembled a docile lamb, but now her voice was cold as she glared at Augustus with resentful eyes, as if she wanted to kill him.

"You're not the only one who Zen has. He also has me, Hallet, Joy, his sister, as well as his son. You can't take up all of his time," Augustus said in a matter-of-fact tone.

Margaret raised her nose and said proudly, "I'm his wife! My time spent with him is perfectly justified!"

"But you are not his o

re about what was outside the divine land in any way, but the consummate True Gods present had probably known about the chaotic world outside the divine land. After all, there were a few records about the chaos in the fairy palace's library, which had all been left by Bromley.

However, Zen shook his head. "The bottom of the chaos isn't desolate. There are living creatures there, and many of them are strong warriors," he mentioned.

"Huh? There are people at the bottom of the chaos? Do you know if they're extraordinary creatures?" With what he'd just heard, even Harold, who was usually quite composed, was rather surprised.

Hallet, who had been nothing more than a silent spectator until now, suddenly raised his brows. "There's a world at the bottom?" he asked in awe.

"That's right." Zen blinked. "It is a prison. There are many exiles inside the prison, and they are all from the Source World."

"What kind of place is the Source World?" Augustus asked curiously.

Hallet and Harold looked at one another, and then Harold said, "It's said that the Source World is the chaos' center. Since the exiles are locked up in the prison there, they are very powerful, aren't they?"

"Yes, they're all strong warriors at the Other Shore Realm." Zen nodded in agreement.

Disbelief registered in everyone's eyes, including Joy's.

At the same time, a sense of crisis dawned over the group.

The Yellow Emperor Guards who they were fighting against were at the Other Shore Realm. They didn't know if the exiles were friends or foes. If the exiles also had to get involved, the situation would become even more problematic.

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