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   Chapter 2686 Enthusiastic

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Lavender and Letitia looked at each other silently. Both of them were feeling a bit disappointed.

Neither of the girls were unreasonable people. They hadn't been to the divine land yet, but had a good general understanding of the place.

Since they had just recently become low-rank True Gods, it was still difficult for them to move around in a large region, not to mention to search for Zen in the divine land.

Right then, an indifferent voice said, "I don't care how long you're going to wait! I'm leaving today! With or without you!"

Margaret, dressed in blue, walked straight out of a door.

Joy followed closely behind Margaret. A helpless expression was etched on her delicate face.

In the past few years, Margaret had gradually become a mid-rank True God, and the process went off without a hitch.

Joy had tried her best to cultivate Margaret, very amazed with her great talent.

As the Purple Soul Hall's founder, Joy recruited plenty of women who possessed the Purple Power Bodies. However, in all her time, she had never met such a talented disciple.

Of course, Zen was an exception among them all. He was different from other people.

In Joy's eyes, Margaret was like a piece of jade that Mike had carefully prepared for her. It had also been very interesting for Joy to train Margaret in the fairy palace over the past few years.

She even believed that it wouldn't be long before Margaret became a consummate True God. Joy had so much faith in Margaret that she thought she might even become a Demi-holy Being in the future.

The only problem was that Margaret was extremely willful. Thus, Joy had to spend most of her time calming Margaret down.


Augustus took a step forward and stood in front of Margaret. His shadow completely covered her.

He was tall, with a wicked smile on his face. "No one is stopping you. The fairy palace's gate is open. You can go anywhere you want!"

Margaret looked up at Augustus and met his glare, her eyes fuming with rage.

After having stayed in the fairy palace for a short period of time, she began to regret it. She was always clamoring to leave to find Zen.

It only happened once in the past that Augustus really allowed her to leave the fairy palace.

Despite that, she still couldn't find her way out of the large Swirl Forest.

The huge trees, tall grasses, streams, and rivers seemed to have grown their own feet. They changed positions at any given moment. From time to time, fierce gi

him one day.

That said, it seemed that he had no reason to be worried from now on.

Zen had become a consummate True God over the last ten years, and he hadn't just surpassed Augustus.

No one else could ever make that kind of progress, especially not that fast, during so many divine eras.

When Harold, Hallet and Joy noticed Zen's cultivation base, they were also surprised. Their jaws dropped in awe.

According to their conjecture, it wouldn't be easy for Zen to become a consummate True God. It was possible that he could succeed in a few hundred years or even a thousand years, while to the divine land, such a period of time was considered short.

Where could Zen have been in the past ten years?

If the rumors spreading from the Floating Islands were true, Zen had no chances of survival.

Although Harold didn't say anything, he had suspected once before that Zen might have died under the Han Clan's ancestral land.

For this reason, he had already secretly searched for one of Zen's substitutes, Nathan.

Without a doubt, they had many questions in their minds, but since Margaret was hugging Zen like there was no one else around, it was improper for them to be disturbed right then.

Zen felt Margaret, who he held tightly in his arms, tremble slightly. He could sense that she was truly excited...

Compared to Letitia's reserved character and Lavender's absolute sincerity, Margaret's straightforward manner came off as much more enthusiastic.

It was also her fanatic temperament that made her so adorable, in his opinion. Zen couldn't push her away, but only wrap his arms around her and hold her even tighter instead.

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