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   Chapter 2672 Judgment

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On the Floating Island of the Dongfang Clan, a space wave appeared as Murphy came out of the void.

In the Time Sea, only Holy Beings were allowed to use the spatial transference freely.

However, the Holy Beings didn't like doing it very often. There must be something very important that Murphy had to come to the Floating Island of the Dongfang Clan.

When the two guards of the Dongfang Clan saw Murphy approaching, they immediately went up to him and bowed.

"I'm looking for Holy Nicholas. I have something very important to discuss with him. You'd better hurry up and find him for me," said Murphy anxiously.

The two guards looked at each other with embarrassment on their faces.

One of them said, "Holy Nicholas is currently at the back hall. He told us not to disturb him no matter what happens."

"The back hall! He has always been in the back hall! Only one thing is certain. He will be ruined by that woman sooner or later!" Anger was written all over his face.

Nicholas' character had been getting stranger over the past years.

Originally, under the leadership of the union of the wealthy clans above the Time Sea, they were supposed to take control of the Abyss Demon Region but that wasn't the case anymore.

Each time the Holy Beings visited, Nicholas was either in the back hall or exploring the Time Sea to find the woman's body.

According to how some Holy Beings like Murphy saw it, the union of the wealthy clans had gained an absolute advantage and taken full control of the situation.

However, there were already three forbidden lands out of four that were being controlled by outsiders.

The Everest Spirit Mountain was under the control of Mike's first disciple, while Bromley's second disciple had control over the Swirl Forest.

As for the Soul Wilderness, Estelle saved Zen's life last time. It was safe to assume that she was on Mike's side.

Although Mike was dead in some sense, his strategy was still far-reaching, which always put Murphy in a constant state of fear. He was afraid that there were always some big troubles waiting for him.

The two guards were so afraid that they turned pale when they heard Murphy's words.

"Holy Murphy, calm down."

"We're sure that Holy Nicholas will come out soon."

verse, I was still unable to destroy it."

"What? How could that be possible?"

His words caused Nicholas to worry.

In their own universes, the Holy Beings were omnipotent and would never fight others in their universes.

If Murphy couldn't destroy the space channel in his own universe, then the creator must be very skilled.

However, Nicholas soon calmed down. He narrowed his eyes and said, "It's said that there is a space barrier just outside the divine land. Even if the outsiders create space channels, they will still be unable to enter. It's not easy to open the barrier in a short period of time."

"But the Yellow Emperor Guards were able to come in," Murphy said.

Nicholas released a faint smile as he continued, "It took them twenty years to open the space barrier."

"That means we only have 20 years left." Murphy raised his eyebrows.

Twenty years was just a mere snap of their fingers when it came to the Holy Beings.

The crisis was imminent. How could they possibly know how powerful the intruder was?

"Apart from that, the space channel has been created to pierce its way to the divine land. It's more likely that someone has been sent here. In order to avoid being discovered by me, they divided the space channel into thirteen paths and scattered them in thirteen regions," Murphy muttered.

"Thirteen paths," said Nicholas with a pensive look on his face. "Who could they have possibly sent here? We can also assume that this intruder is someone from the divine land."

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