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   Chapter 2671 The Great Inertia

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The space channel that Emily created shot towards the Murphy Universe from above.

It went straight down and pierced through the entire Murphy Universe.

As the controller of the Murphy Universe, Murphy had a very keen perception of his own universe. He could clearly detect the fluctuations happening within the Space Law.

As a Holy Being, he was able to build such a long space channel but he was unable to build such a stable one.

Moreover, this space channel came from the periphery of the Murphy Universe which was also outside the divine land.

Who created this space channel?

With this thought, Murphy turned into an incarnation and appeared in his universe to investigate further.

Right in front of his eyes was an invisible space channel penetrating downwards.

"The space channel is trying to enter the divine land through the Murphy Universe." Murphy's face revealed a look of pondering as he sneered, "No matter who you are, it's absolutely impossible for you to pass through the Murphy Universe without my permission! I will crush your space channel to pieces!"

He then pinched the space channel.

Everyone was a god in their own inner worlds. They were invincible, omniscient, and omnipotent.

As he pinched, the invisible space channel immediately broke down and collapsed.

At the same time, Emily who was at the top of the divine land frowned and snorted, "It seems like a so-called Holy Being saw what I was doing and destroyed my space channel."

"Like Zen said, since the universes are the inner worlds of Holy Beings, we need to bypass them," a powerhouse at the Other Shore Realm advised.

They could easily bypass these universes and create other space channels.

Emily raised her chin as she said arrogantly, "No!"

As soon as she was done speaking, she gently waved her hand and a ray of colorful light slowly spread in her pupils.

An aggressive stream of the Truth of Godly Way began to spread out.

'It's the Truth of Void Destruction, ' Zen thought.

The Truth of Void Destruction possessed some powers from the Space Law. Those powers weren't complete but there was no doubt that the understanding of space inside the Truth of Void Destruction was much deeper than inside the Space Godly Way.

Zen already sensed the same Truth of Godly Way before from David of the Yellow Emperor race

pace channel.

The space channel created by Emily was very stable and the speed at which he traveled was also extremely fast.

Only six hours later, Zen had already crossed the Murphy Universe and was able to enter one of the thirteen paths.

Twenty four hours later, Zen felt his body becoming heavier as the speed of his fall suddenly increased.


The great inertia took a huge toll on Zen as he crashed down on the ground hard like a falling boulder.

"Get up!"

Zen roared as he tried to fly in the air.

But the inertia was too strong and he couldn't reverse any of it to fly. The inertia was like an invisible big hand that was pressing him down on the ground.

Seeing that he was getting closer and closer to the ground, Zen was afraid that he would be seriously injured once he reached the surface. He was also worried that it could cause unwanted movement.

Zen's eyes flashed as he suddenly disappeared.

He had reached the consummation of the True God Realm, which meant that he could then use the Grand Teleportation without being restricted by the Space Law.

He then tried to move himself to a higher position.

Even after doing so, the great inertia still refused to stop and he continued to fall.

"One more time!"

As he was about to hit the ground again, he teleported himself to a higher place but continued falling from there.

After doing this for more than ten times, the great inertia finally weakened until it fully disappeared.

He then regained his balance as he slowly descended to a low mountain top.

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