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   Chapter 2670 Zen's Request

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 8800

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In the vast chaos, one could see everything that was happening.

They looked at the distance as if they were stargazing. The view was as far as it could get.

Emily looked at it for a while as she said flatly, "Maybe it's the plankton within the chaos. They are too far away from us. We shouldn't mind them at all."

Even with their unparalleled flying speed, it would still take several years for them to reach the black dots.

"Are there also living creatures within the chaos?" Zen asked, taking the opportunity to know more about the subject.

"Of course. The chaos may seem empty but that is only because of its ridiculous size. There are actually many creatures living inside it!" Emily said with a smile.

Zen stared at the light dots that flew in the far distance as he also looked at the boundless brown chaos clouds. The expression on his face made it seem as if he was lost in his thoughts.

His master went inside the chaos a few years ago and they had never heard of him since. He wondered whether his master would be powerful enough to protect himself from the powerful creatures within the chaos.

But then again, maybe his master already returned to the divine land while he was away.

Zen couldn't help but get anxious as he thought of it. He didn't know how everything was doing in the fairy palace since he hadn't been around for so long. What worried him the most was his mother and all he wished for was her safety.

As he was thinking about all of it, he followed Emily and the others in approaching the giant bumps.

Some of the exiles didn't hesitate too much and immediately used their theurgies again as they hoped to break through the outer wall of the divine land. If they succeeded, they would be able to enter the divine land through the universes.

To their surprise, their efforts didn't pay off and the Heavenly Mirror Shield was still there!

After their attempt failed, Leopold concluded, "I don't think the Heavenly Mirror Shield is something we can break. If we continue to rely on brute force, I'm afraid we won't be able to enter the divine land at all!"

"If even you can't enter the divine land, then it would be impossible for the Yellow Emperor Guards to enter," Zen said with a disappointed tone.

Hearing this, Timotheus narrowed his eyes as he said in a serious tone, "What if the Yellow Emperor Guards are actually stronger than us?"

"Maybe, but I highly doubt it," Zen said as he blinked his eyes.

"You do have great confidence in us," Emily said with a faint smile. "If we still fail to break the Heavenly Mirror Shield, I'm afraid there's o

terious connection to the little oil lamp. A faint green light then appeared inside the oil lamp.

"This is your Life Lamp. If you die, the light inside your Life Lamp will be extinguished and we will know about it immediately," Emily said softly. "I will help you enter the divine land."


"Master Emily!"

"You know how important Zen is to our Nine Li race!"

Timotheus and Ramzi both had indignant expressions on their faces. They thought that Emily was pushing Zen into a fire pit.

"Of course I am fully aware." Emily turned around and smiled. "But don't forget that this is Zen's own decision. If he really is the hope of the Nine Li race, then you should choose to believe in him or the Nine Li race would lose all their hope!"

Timotheus and his companions couldn't say anything in return.

If they were to think that the Nine Li race could rise again, it wouldn't be enough to simply rely on the Other Shore Realm warriors like Timotheus and the few others.

The most important thing was for Zen to grow up. It was indeed meaningless to protect him at all times.

Seeing that Timotheus and others did not speak at all, Emily's beautiful eyes flashed as she pointed downwards. An immense force of space spread out to form a round space channel in front of Emily.

This space channel stretched over millions of miles. It passed through a universe and was able to reach the internal space of the divine land.

While she was building the space channel, on a Floating Island above the Time Sea, Murphy was sitting on the lotus throne and was recuperating with his eyes closed. Suddenly, he opened his eyes and shock was written all over his face. "Who is that? Who dares to break through my universe and disturb me?"

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