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   Chapter 2669 Chiyou's Efforts

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The Heavenly Mirror Shield was not made nor created by Chiyou, but was rather obtained by him from the ancient relic.

Chiyou rarely used the shield ever since he became the Lord of Weapons. It was the reason why he handed it over to Kaden.

Ramzi had seen Kaden use the Heavenly Mirror Shield before. The moment he recognized the triangular shadow of the shield, it had confirmed his thought.

"The Heavenly Mirror Shield can cover even the heaven and earth with the formless power. It is not easy to break it," Leopold uttered.

What Leopold said made Timotheus raise his eyebrows slightly. He spoke, "Let me have a try. Everyone, step back!"

Ramzi put his hand on Zen's shoulder, and all the Other Shore Realm warriors quickly retreated.

After Timotheus was given space, he opened his palms and a golden broadsword appeared.


As soon as he gave out the order, his figure began to grow and swell. It didn't take much time before he turned into a giant of millions of feet tall in an instant.

He carried the broadsword on his shoulder, his white hair and long beard were fluttering. As his aura spread out, it gave off such a huge pressure!

Ramzi waved his hand and helped Zen block that aura. Otherwise, Zen would have been inflicted and injured under this aura.

Timotheus let out a shout, holding the golden broadsword.

The broadsword was slashed out, then followed by thin line appearing.

The seemingly unremarkable strike contained an extremely mysterious Truth of Godly Way. That thin line contained certain energy of the chaos.

"So powerful..."

Zen took a secret glance at Emily beside him.

After Zen fell into the world below, he had never seen Emily and Timotheus employ their real strength.

He had no idea about their true ability. After all, the exiles of the Snake Goddess race, the Nine Li race and the Yellow Emperor race never had an encounter fighting against each other.

He saw how Emily had easily defeated all the exiles in the space where the Warden race lived. And afterwards, everyone was suppressed by the Strength Equalizing Theurgy.

Through these circumstances, they still didn't have the chance to display their full strength.

Now that he was looking at the sight of Timotheus's terrible strike, he was shocked with fear.

When the thin line created by the broadsword touched the outer wall of the divine land, a triangular shield shadow appeared for the second time.

However, this shield shadow was countless times larger than the previous one!


A de

y explain, "The top masters in the divine land attach the inner worlds to the divine land. Their strength is much stronger than those consummate True Gods!"

Hearing Zen's explanation, some of the powerful Other Shore Realm warriors were still confused.

Emily seemed to have understood. She smiled and said, "Lord of Weapons has really put a lot of effort into it. Such Holy Beings are even able to create the lager inner worlds with the support of this ship, and they are more powerful than the consummate True Gods. Those Holy Beings almost reach the Other Shore Realm, right?"

Zen nodded.

A Holy Being might not be as strong as Yellow Emperor Guards, but they were much stronger than a consummate True God and not much weaker than an ordinary Other Shore Realm warrior.

More importantly, they had the ability of immortality. They would live forever and would not die as long as the universes still existed. They had more advantages compared to the Other Shore Realm warriors!

Just as they approached the protruding universes, Ramzi felt something strange in the distance. He slightly turned his head, pointed to the upper left side and asked, "Look, what's that?"

Upon reaching the top of the divine land, they had already been completely freed from the prison below.

They could see that above them was a large area of energy clouds formed by the chaotic energy. These chaos clouds didn't look big in appearance, but in fact, each of them was as large as billions of divine lands.

And at the tip of the tail of the chaos cloud closest to the divine land, there was a cyan light dot that was rapidly moving.

Behind the cyan light dot, there were a few black dots following closely!

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