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   Chapter 2668 The Heavenly Mirror Shield

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In the Sky Spirit Bone Tower, ahead of the long queue of the Nine Li race's Wild Gods, there was an oval-shaped transmission door.

This transmission door led to Timotheus's inner world.

Timotheus had already created a separate continent in his inner world.

And on that continent, he had created a huge bone tower.

After all, it was not easy for these Wild Gods to leave the bone tower, so he wanted to protect their emotions and put them at ease as much as possible.

Even so, there were still many Wild Gods who chose to stay.

These Wild Gods were standing on the other side of the cave, silently watching the great migration of their people with a myriad of emotions on their faces.

The bad news was that with the departure of the exiles, the Wild Gods would lose their main source of protection.

But on the bright side, the exiles of the other races were also leaving. This meant that the remaining Wild Gods, with their bloodlines, would still be qualified to dominate this world.

Most of the Wild Gods had already entered Timotheus' inner world, and the exiles were saying goodbye to the rest of the Wild Gods who had chosen to stay behind.

After all, the exiles and their race members had a deep relationship. Before they left, the exiles gave the Wild Gods a lot of extremely powerful magic weapons and left behind a large number of cultivation resources.

Once it was all over, the remaining Wild Gods left the Sky Spirit Bone Tower and gathered with Emily and the others.

Back when the exiles had just cut off their curses, Emily and Timotheus had warned all of them not to think about taking that ship.

Naturally, the exiles had listened to Emily and Timotheus. Besides, the ship had originally been under the control of the Snake Goddess race.

At this moment, Zen, Timotheus, and Leopold all looked toward the north, where the Torrent Bone Tower was located.

Even from a long distance, they could see a faint yellow light floating in the sky. That tiny dot was the divine land.

Although it was barely visible to the naked eye, it filled Zen with a sense of excitement. He had been longing for the day he could finally return to the divine land.

On the other hand, Timotheus, Leopold, and the others had complicated emotions.

As members of the Nine Li race, they were astonished and unable to accep

e divine land."

As she spoke these words, a fierceness filled her eyes and several colorful spots of light flashed between her pale fingers.

Each colorful spot of light contained an extremely terrifying amount of energy.

They whirled around, producing a cone-shaped spiral.


With a slight flick of her slender finger, Emily shot the cone-shaped spiral toward the outer wall of the divine land.



The cone-shaped spiral spun fast against the outer wall of the divine land before it exploded, emitting a dazzling ball of light that everyone watched with bated breath.

But soon, the ball of light faded off without a trace, and the expressions of the warriors at the Other Shore Realm changed drastically.

The outer wall of the divine land was still emitting a faint yellow light, and in the middle of the light loomed a triangular shadow that seemed to be the shield.

With the protection of this shield shadow, the outer wall of the divine land had stood firmly against Emily's powerful attack.

A bitter smile appeared on Emily's face. "The work of the Lord of Weapons is too extraordinary..."

Emily was the strongest among these warriors at the Other Shore Realm.

If even she was unable to break through the outer wall of the divine land, it would be impossible for the rest of them. Their expressions froze in disbelief.

"It's the Heavenly Mirror Shield. I didn't expect Grand Chieftain to integrate it into the divine land. We're in trouble now," said Leopold, frowning as he looked at the fading shield shadow.

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