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   Chapter 2665 Nothingness In One

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The rays of sword energy merged at a very slow speed like when they got split just now.

There were 128 rays of sword energy which merged into 64 rays. In addition, the Emotion Closing Godly Way contained in them became stronger.

Lastly, the mysteries of the Emotion Closing Godly Way finally revealed themselves during the fusion process.

"I got it...

This Eight Diagrams Chart can continuously decompose the Emotion Closing Godly Way and reveal its innermost essence to me!

What an ingenious method!"

Yet, Zen thought that it still couldn't compare to the Infinity Ruler.

After all, the Infinity Ruler could hold all the energies that belonged to the three thousand Godly Ways. It was only that Zen's cultivation was limited, so he could not fully display them.

According to what Fuxi and the Chaos Ancient God had said, it wouldn't work to merge the Godly Ways.

Despite that, Zen refused to give up.

Chiyou had passed down the Infinity Ruler to his mother, Lorena, who then gave it to his father, Mike, who had lastly chosen to give it to him, Zen.

There must be a reason why such a thing happened.

Besides, even if he couldn't make it in the end, the power of the Ways-blending Energy alone would be of great help to him at this current time. Thus, he had no reason to give up.

After he thought about it for a while, he stared at the sword energy intently and concentrated on comprehending it.

Meanwhile, things had changed on the other side.

The people of the Warden race had retreated to one side of the Equality Altar.

Since Fuxi had spoken, the powerful warriors at the Other Shore Realm present didn't make things difficult for them anymore.

Anyway, all they wanted to do was leave. A long as the Warden race didn't stop them, then they would have nothing more to worry about.

As for the Warden race, they were now aware that the situation was hopeless. They would only bring about their own destruction if they persisted.

Moreover, Fuxi had already told them that even Herbert had given up. From there, it proved that the free faction was right, and it was indeed unnecessary for the conservative faction to push through.

Just then, the leader of the Warden race slowly approached Luther and unwrapped the bag on his back.

The bag contained thirteen blue short swords.

There were only a few peopl


It was like a circular cycle. The streams of sword energy continued to merge and split over and over…

At that point, the thoughts in his mind became much clearer.

When those streams of sword energy finally merged into one, a strange light suddenly flashed in Zen's eyes.

"In essence, the Ripping Consciousness is still to negate the self consciousness. But in subconsciousness, one still can't get rid of their own consciousness...

The streams of sword energy ranging from the 64th stream of sword energy to the 16th stream of sword energy, form the Formless State!

While the streams of sword energy ranging from the 8th stream of sword energy to the last one, form the state of Nothingness In One!

In essence, the Emotion Closing Godly Way is a kind of virtual energy!"


It was at that moment when Zen clearly saw what the sword energy had revealed.

Furthermore, his understanding of the Emotion Closing Godly Way had broken several bottlenecks in a row!


Such an amount of enlightenment caused him to fall into some kind of magical state.

In addition, the golden light that surrounded his soul was now quite dazzling!

Still, he did not forget himself nor did he turn into an emotionless, statue-like being. He was simply in a state of nothingness.

When Fuxi saw Zen who was in such a state, his eyes twitched slightly as he leaned more on the tombstone.

It was true that Zen had help from the Eight Diagrams Chart, but the speed of Zen's comprehension of the Emotion Closing Godly Way still surprised him a little.

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