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   Chapter 2663 Finale Hero

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The area was filled with No. 9527's calm but slightly threatening voice.

Fuxi wasn't afraid of Othniel's soul fragment, but of Othniel himself.

But, No. 9527 represented Othniel in this situation.

The thought of it made Fuxi cautious.

Furthermore, he didn't expect that Othniel had left a strand of his soul in Zen's body, which only showed that he thought of Zen as highly important to him.

"I once visited Othniel, but why did he refuse me? Am I really not qualified?" Fuxi said as he stared at Zen.

He had long wanted to master a truth theurgy.

He knew that he was strong and intelligent enough in every way.

Yet, neither Herbert nor Othniel took him as a disciple. Herbert even posed a problem for him, which made him feel very bothered.

"Are you tired of this cycle of reincarnation? Compared to the numerous creatures in the chaos, you have always been the most dazzling one. You are already very lucky!" No. 9527 countered.

There was silence for a while before Fuxi shouted in anger, "Of course I am tired of it! I am tired of the endless cycles of reincarnation. Everyone will die and be born again and again. What's the point of living in this way?"

"This is exactly the point, as my master once said," replied No. 9527.

"Bullshit! I'm afraid your master has been also tired of such a way, or why did he choose this guy?" Fuxi complained and pointed accusingly at Zen. When Zen saw Fuxi was annoyed, he subconsciously dodged.

He didn't want Fuxi to kill him in a fit of rage.

It was because of that very matter that Fuxi had a dispute with the Snake Goddess, and left. He was stubborn, and wouldn't change his mind once he'd decided.

"Maybe you're right. My master also gets tired. But I don't know the reason why he didn't choose you. Since he has chosen Zen now, you shouldn't make things difficult for him," No. 9527 said.

Fuxi couldn't help his eyelids twitch in irritation. He stared viciously at Zen, before he jumped about like a possessed man and declared, "Only I can succeed! I am the chosen one! I will be the Finale Hero! Zen is not qualified!"


uld master two or three kinds of energy.

Such was true in both the divine land and the Source World.

Still, there were many reckless people in the world.

They knew that it was impossible to comprehend the truth theurgies because they came from the energy of the Godly Ways Great Unity at the dawn of chaos.

That was the only chance to obtain the truth theurgies. Other than that, they could only rely on the blood transplantation of the Chaos Ancient Gods.

However, it was even harder to have the blood of Chaos Ancient Gods. Fuxi had tried for so long, but he still couldn't get it.

Therefore, they blended the energy of the Godly Ways in order to artificially create the Godly Ways Great Unity, and get the truth theurgies.

They had expected a good outcome, but no one had actually succeeded.

The Godly Tile that was formed from that way was not complete.

As time passed by, the method was eventually abandoned.

That was why the moment Fuxi saw that kind of Godly Tile on Zen, he thought that it was ridiculous.

"It's not the reason why my master chose Zen. Of course, he knows that the merging of Godly Ways won't work," No. 9527 retorted.

Fuxi nodded at its words. His lips curved into a smile. He became much more comfortable and said to Zen, "Although you have mastered many Godly Ways, I can still help you become a consummate True God. Choose a Godly Way yourself."

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