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   Chapter 2662 Jealousy

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Zen skimmed through a row of low houses and saw a mountain from a distance.

He saw that a row of black tombstones stood, lined up along the said mountain.

After they flew over these tombstones, one singular tombstone stood out as it was tall and placed at the back.

Just as Zen was wondering who was buried under this tombstone, Fuxi threw him down randomly. To his surprise, Zen fell to the ground.

One foot close to the ground, Zen merely tapped his toe and stood steadily beneath the tombstone.

Just then, Fuxi flashed and appeared right beside Zen.

Zen took a long, intent look at the tombstone. There were no inscribed words or carvings on it, so he didn't know who was buried here.

"Why did you take me here?" Zen asked.

With a calm expression on his face, Fuxi looked like an ordinary person without anything unusual.

No one would have guessed that he had killed Spark, an Other Shore Realm warrior so easily.

Fuxi didn't answer Zen's question and instead, lightly tapped on the tombstone.

Just as his hand stopped tapping, gold threads slowly spread out at the bottom of the tombstone. These gold threads climbed up and soon spread all over the tombstone.

Looking at the threads, Zen couldn't seem to understand them.

"I have stayed here for a very long time, about 30 billion years," said Fuxi, staring at the fine, majestic lines. "Even for me, 30 billion years is not a short time. I have wasted all my time here."

"You are not trapped here, aren't you?" Zen asked, puzzled. "You could have left as you wished. Why didn't you leave?"

All Zen knew was that the man in front of him, Fuxi, was very powerful. Besides, he was the brother of Snake Goddess. Because of this, he had the notion that no one could imprison him no matter how bad they wanted to.

This guy chose to stay, and yet he was complaining that he had wasted his time here. Zen shook his head in bewilderment.


Fuxi's eyes flashed with a golden light, and his hand had already placed on Zen's shoulder.


Just then, an intense force began to drop on Zen's shoulder, which sent his bones shattering

from the Godly Ways Great Unity.

Zen was slightly shocked to hear this.

This guy had been meditating here for 30 billion years, but he had not yet figured out the mystery of the tombstone.

'If he can't master it, will I have to stay here for countless years, too?' he thought to himself.

"What if you still can't comprehend it?" Zen just had to ask.

"Then I guess you'll be stuck with me for a while," Fuxi sneered.

'No way!'

Zen's face flushed with anxiousness and concern.

But even though he wanted to retaliate so bad, Zen had no choice but to obey to the powerful Fuxi.

However, at the same moment, No. 9527's consciousness suddenly came out from the sclerite in Zen's chest. "Fuxi, don't waste your time. We will never ever choose you."

After No. 9527 had sneaked into Zen's body, it wasn't planning on directly communicating with anyone. However, it chose to talk to Fuxi this time.

As soon as Fuxi sensed the words coming out of Zen's mind, his body suddenly trembled. He stared at Zen's chest and asked, "You are... You are Othniel!"

"No, I am not," No. 9527 beckoned back. "I am a mere fragment of his soul."

"A part of his soul?" Fuxi's eyes flickered in confusion.

"Give up now. I advise you not to make things difficult for Zen. After all, he was handpicked by our master. Keeping him here would anger the master, and he would surely make you suffer," No. 9527 continued.

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