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   Chapter 2660 Irritated

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It would take the Equality Altar some time to remove the Strength Equalizing Theurgy completely.

It took about nine seconds for the orange dots to disperse from the Equality Altar and spread to Emily and the others.

But those nine seconds were enough for Spark.

Now that the constraint on his body had been cast off and he finally regained his strength, the power began to disperse.

If an Other Shore Realm warrior went out to fight, it wouldn't be a challenge to kill countless mortals.

Spark let out a roar of fury as his body started to swell up, eventually turning into a giant that was four million feet tall.


Eight flashes of dragon-shaped lightning furiously circled him.

Spark felt immense joy as he thought of those men dying in his hands.

"Emily, Timotheus, all the exiles, and the Warden race members, you all should go to hell!"

Without any hesitation, Spark reached out his hand and tapped the air. The eight flashes of dragon-shaped lightning circled each other, and then poured towards the warriors who were busy fighting.

At that moment, everyone was confused.

The leader of the Warden race with a walking stick and a bent body let out a faint sigh.

A huge wave of helplessness struck him.

He didn't want to think about how Spark would manage to break the Strength Equalizing Theurgy.

The Warden race was on the verge of falling down. Even if the tomb keeper had defeated two of the most powerful intruders, it didn't help ease the situation.

The leader also couldn't ask the tomb keeper to do more for them.

They were running out of options. Doing anything at all was useless.

The massive power had intimidated even Emily, Timotheus, and the other exiles. When they saw Spark, their eyes were filled with nothing but resentment.

Letting Spark escape before was a terrible idea. No one had thought he would do such a thing.

The eight flashes of dragon-shaped lightning had approached in just a blink of an eye. With the explosive sound of lightning, everyone's eardrums were shattered, and their ears began to bleed.

After all, they were just mere mortals. That kind of power was more than enough to wipe them all out.

A bitter smile crept up on Zen's face

keeper said casually, raising his arm to point mockingly at Spark.

At that very moment, he was more displeased than before.

He helped the Warden race with the battle and even fought Zen. He was very relaxed amidst all those events.

To him, those were just a touch of spice for his boring life.

However, Spark suddenly broke the Strength Equalizing Theurgy, forcing the tomb keeper to break free from restraint of this theurgy by himself.

Even for the tomb keeper, putting up a fight against the Chaos Ancient God wasn't going to be a walk in the park. He would have to pay a huge price if he did such a thing.

That annoyed the tomb keeper to a great extent. He had wasted so much over a nobody like Spark.

All he wanted was to tear Spark into pieces.

When the tomb keeper smacked the air, an invisible hand struck Spark pretty hard.

All of a sudden, Spark felt an uncontrollable force crushing his body that stood four million feet high. The sound of his bones cracking was as loud as thunderclaps.

"Crack, crack, crack..."

Spark's huge head was crushed flat even before he could get rid of the Wild God body.

His huge body collapsed, resembling a mountain that was caving in.

After his spiritual soul was obliterated, the Wild God Power began to quickly evaporate. His huge body continued to shrink into pieces until all of it disappeared right before everyone's very eyes.

It wasn't until then that the orange dots slowly drifted into everyone's body.

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