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   Chapter 2657 Pierced In The Chest

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A series of bangs, cracks, whooshes sounded. . .

The clanging sounds of the swords colliding with each other, the crackling sound of bones being broken, and the squelching of blood as a body was pieced by a sharp weapon - all these sounds rang out from time to time.

Lives were like weeds, being ruthlessly uprooted and cast aside.

The tomb keeper walked over briskly. He had a sharp gaze and looked relaxed.

For him, this battle was a spicy deviation from his long years of boring cultivation.

He had promised to help the Warden race, but he had to choose his opponents carefully.

Just ahead of him, Emily took a step forward.

The annular saber in her hand circled around and shot towards a man in a black robe.

Emily had made an ingenious move. Not only did it allow her to avoid the sword shadow that the man in the black robe had thrown at her, she had also feigned an attack, goading the other party into making a wrong judgment.

The man in the black robe didn't know how to dodge and panicked.

The annular saber whizzed past his neck.

Before his blood could leave a mark on the saber, the man in the black robe had already fallen backwards.

Bergen had cut in half the annular saber that she had previously used in order to save Zen. Emily had had to get a new one.

"Annular saber? The Snake Goddess race?"

The eyes of the tomb keeper widened as he saw the saber in Emily's hand.

This type of weapon was unique and very few people were actually good at using it. As the tomb keeper recollected, only a few women in the Snake Goddess race were ever any good at using this kind of weapon.

The most famous of all annular sabers in the Snake Goddess race as well as in the Source World was called the Soul Conquering Ring.

But Emily's trick had attracted his attention.

Without a second thought, the tomb keeper chose Emily as his opponent.

He stepped onto the ground and went straight up to Emily.

Once Emily had killed the man in the black robe, she looked up, her beautiful eyes narrowed, and locked onto her second goal. A voice sounded just as she turned around.

"You can be my opponent," the tomb keeper said with a smile.

Emily looked askance at him.

All the Warden members were dressed in black. Even under their black robes, their clothes were of a color that remained distinct.

The tomb keeper'


Such an injury as hers would have been undoubtedly fatal to an ordinary person.

But for a powerful warrior at the Other Shore Realm, the wound was minor, provided the Strength Equalizing Theurgy ended.

The question was: Could Emily hold on until then?

The tomb keeper took a few steps backwards and looked at Zen with interest. "Here's someone else who looks more interesting-"

Zen raised his sword and rushed at the tomb keeper before he could finish talking. .

With a whooshing sound, the dozens of strikes that Zen had launched made their way over to the tomb keeper.

When Zen's sword collided with the man's dagger, he could also feel a twisted force emanating from it.

It was as if this force was pulling the long sword away from him. He felt like he could hardly hold the sword in his hands.

The tomb keeper retreated before he was able to stabilize himself.

Zen's swordsmanship was ingenious, but it was quite easy for the tomb keeper to see through it.

Dozens of strikes later, his eyes flashed. He had found a way to break Zen's swordsmanship!

He waved the dagger rapidly so that it spun like a flower. .

As the flower hit Zen's sword, Zen finally felt his right hand weaken, and his long sword forced out of his hand.

The tomb keeper only smiled, and seemed to take it as a matter of course. He waved his dagger at Zen, but in this moment, he sensed that something was wrong.

"This is..."

He suddenly looked up to find that in a whirlpool in the air, a speck of green starlight was rapidly descending onto his head!

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