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   Chapter 2655 The Final Resistance

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Emily bent down and ripped a piece of cloth from a corpse. She bound it around her shoulder wound.

Moments ago, she had been hit by an arrow and a serrated wound was left bleeding on her shoulder.

In the past, she would have been capable of recovering from this kind of injury in the blink of an eye. In fact, there wasn't any need to deal with such a basic gash.

Now, on the other hand, such a wound could easily lead to her death!

After dressing her wound, Emily jumped down from the roof top.

The other exiles as well as the surviving Wild Gods also moved in order to gather around Zen.

Zelda and Luther, who were still under protection, both followed quickly behind, too.

The battle just now was too violent.

At least three quarters of Wild Gods had died, while nearly half of the exiles had been executed.

That said, an approximate two hundred members of the Warden race had also been killed!

In the pits of their stomachs, everyone had the feeling of having survived a disaster. Their expressions quickly changed as they glanced toward Zen again.

If Zen hadn't fought Bonnie, Arvin and Bergen of the Warden race on his own, the battle's results would have been hard to determine.

After all, one couldn't forget that Bergen alone had the capacities to fight against several exiles of high power, including Ramzi and Leopold.

Furthermore, Zen had blocked Arvin from the very beginning. If Arvin really employed all of his strength and cooperated with the other men in black robes, it was highly possible that the situation would become worse.

By that time, all members of Zen's group would have been dead.


Emily patted Zen on the shoulder heavily and said with a smile, "Although I've probably guessed quite a bit, I wouldn't have expected this little guy to hide his skill so well!"

Zen could somehow employ such a powerful theurgy under the effect of the Strength Equalizing Theurgy, which was unbelievable.

Timotheus followed the others and looked as though he was lost deep in his thoughts. With a wry smile, he said, "Even I couldn't discover that, not to mention you, Emily."

In fact, Timotheus had already figured it all out.

The Strength Equalizing Theurgy was created by the Chaos Ancient God. The rule he had set simply couldn't be violated by a nobody like Zen.

Zen, on his behalf, had such powerful might because of his blood.

His theurgy was most likely the Chaos Ancient God's bloodline theurgy. Thus, he could easily bre

r strength won't be any weaker than Bergen's! We have nothing to lose." Another old man also took off his black robe and stepped forward, showing himself.

All the race members present were either the old, weak, sick or disabled people from the conservative faction. With the Strength Equalizing Theurgy, everyone would be equal, no matter how weak they were. They would thus have the same ability as the strong, and the only thing that would come into play would be their experience and martial art skills.

"You're right... I hadn't considered this option..." The leader of the Warden race nodded, struggled to open his eyes fully, clenched his jaw and said, "We can still join the fight!"

With those words, he walked forward from the shadows of the Equality Altar.

Not far off in the distance, the tomb keeper sat against a wall in a lazy manner.

"Have you failed?"

the tomb keeper asked casually.

The leader of the Warden race nodded and replied, "Yes."

The tomb keeper tilted his head and thought for a brief moment. "The so-called Strength Equalizing Theurgy couldn't actually equalize all warriors' strength, as you have the grace from Herbert. But they still defeated you. The exiles aren't as simple as you think."

"I know. And they'll be here soon. Sir, do you think you can help me with that?" the leader of the Warden race asked, while cupping his hands pleadingly.

Prior to now, he could place his hope on Bergen and the others. Currently though, the tomb keeper seemed to be his best option.

The tomb keeper nodded lightly. "I have agreed and thus, I will certainly make my move. But don't expect me to risk my life for you."

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