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   Chapter 2654 Kill Them

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As he realized that his saber had been cut straight off, Timotheus' heart sank.

Zen's identity was of great importance to the Nine Li race.

For this reason, Timotheus didn't want Zen to take too much risk. Hence, he was more willing to protect him.

In spite of his will, after the Strength Equalizing Theurgy had been activated, Zen's performance was outstanding, and persuading him had become a difficult - if not impossible - task.

Fortunately for all the warriors involved, Zen had truly displayed his extraordinary talents and he led everyone safely into the city.

Now that they had faced the Warden race, they found themselves trapped in another desperate situation. Had he known what was to come, never would he have brought Zen to this place.

Just when Timotheus was at a complete loss and felt like nothing could get any worse, a whirlpool suddenly appeared in the sky above.

"This theurgy..." he uttered.

The ray of star light reflected itself in Timotheus' old eyes, now shining with a green hue.

After Emily threw her annular saber out, she jumped up into the air and hooked her arm onto a beam of the roof, hanging herself in midair.

As she performed this movement, she was very anxious, without a doubt.

Although she was extremely powerful, her special skills and theurgies didn't work to her advantage now.

'You must rely on yourself, Zen, ' Emily thought to herself.

She believed in miracles, because the mere process of her growing up was a miracle in and of itself. She knew that Zen could perform his own kind of miracle.

And she was right. His results truly didn't disappoint her. Beneath the light, she smiled slightly.

Bergen hadn't imagined that Zen would apply this theurgy whatsoever.

To the contrary, he'd thought that his sword strike would kill Zen directly, seeing as he was standing no more than a foot away from him. The starlight had instead smashed his heavy sword to pieces.


As soon as the starlight hit Bergen's heavy sword, the vast amount of blue energy spread quickly and the sword broke in an instant.

Bergen's right hand that held the heavy sword also let out a crisp snapping sound. He hadn't had any time to withdraw his hand from the sword hilt. Under the great pressure from the huge force, his arm broke.

Once the starlight had effectively smashed the heavy sword, it crashed to the ground, forming a black crater the size of a watermelon. The deep, dark crater appeared bottomless.

As he watched what was goi

Before Arvin could even land back on the ground, his neck was cut by the flying knife. Blood began spurting from his neck, and he knelt down, covering his wound with both his hands and rolling on the ground. To a mortal's body, this kind of injury was generally fatal.


Bonnie cried, her young face twisting in sadness. Her pain was obvious to all.

In a heartfelt rage, Bonnie rushed toward Zen with two flying knives in her hands. She was ready to take her revenge!

She, of course, was no match for Zen, especially not in such a close combat.

Zen waved his sword in the air several times, causing the flying knives in Bonnie's hand to break into pieces. At last, he stabbed his sword directly between her eyebrows.

"I'm sorry," he spat as he performed his final attack.

Bonnie was courting her death. In both Bonnie's and Arvin's eyes, Zen saw nothing but helplessness.

Zen's goal was opposite to theirs, and thus, his only resort was to kill them both. There was no right or wrong in this battle.

Once Zen had killed Bonnie, Arvin and Bergen all in a row, the Warden race's situation changed drastically.

These three warriors were the leaders of the three Warden race' teams. As they died one after the next in such quick succession, the Warden race's morale had greatly decreased. No one was willing to fight anymore.

It didn't take long before the people wearing black robes fled in disarray. A few of them were even killed in all the chaos.

The few of them who struggled really hard were quickly surrounded and killed.

After a while, the area quieted down once more, leaving nothing but a strong, disheartening smell of blood.

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