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   Chapter 2651 Joint Attack From Brother And Sister

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After the fragments of the flying knives scattered in all directions, Emily took a few steps back as her eyes stared blankly at Zen.

She always had a feeling that Zen had special methods she didn't know about.

Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to kill the exiles sent by Spark so easily.

But what Emily didn't expect was that Zen could break the restrictions of the Strength Equalizing Theurgy!

The green energy was not very powerful but when Emily took a quick glance at it, she immediately felt that it was indeed quite mysterious.

She really had a hard time seeing through him.

After a short pause, she saw that Bonnie was rushing down. She lightly tapped her toe as she prepared herself to jump down from the roof. She didn't want to let Bonnie mess up the situation.

But just as Emily jumped up, a blue long whip immediately came after her!


The long whip was very sharp. Its slash created a deep cut on the roof and immediately rushed towards Emily.

She frowned as she saw it coming.

Of course, she was unable to use her mortal body to withstand the impact. All she could do was to abruptly twist and stay put on the roof.

"I am your opponent. Ha-ha!" another man in a black robe with a blue long whip in his hand blocked Emily's way.

Zen's speed at brandishing his sword became faster and faster as he struck his targets more precisely every time.

Although Arvin summoned a lot of butterflies in a ridiculous manner, it was all in vain. As soon as the butterflies were condensed, they were immediately destroyed by the tip of Zen's sword. His precision with every strike was truly astonishing.

It was as if his sword was a part of his hand. He used it with finesse and he could do whatever he wanted with it.

'What an amazing display of swordsmanship! How could someone like you exist?'

Arvin thought to himself.

In his opinion, there were only a few leaders from the exiles that he shouldn't mess and those were Timotheus and Emily and the like.

They were very powerful but they were nothing under the influence of Strength Equalizing Theurgy. On the other hand, they knew they were destined to stop the intruders with all that they had. After all, they were lucky enough to receive the grace of their master.

But now a brat suddenly popped out, and no one understood what kind of method he used to surpass the restrictions of the Strength Equalizing Theurgy. They didn't know what in the hell was going on.

e path left by the flying knives.

The moment Zen saw the joint attack from the brother and sister, he immediately moved his feet slightly to sweep his body to the side like a ghost. After circling around them, he found an opening and rushed towards his two opponents.

Arvin and Bonnie executed their attacks perfectly. The two of them unhurriedly kept a proper distance from each other and at the same time, they also formed a two-pronged attack.

If Zen rushed towards Arvin, he would be vulnerable to an attack from Bonnie. If he rushed towards Bonnie, he would be vulnerable to an attack from Arvin.

As they came closer and closer, the two were able to surround Zen!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

He then brandished his long sword as rays of green light formed a protective shield around him. When he saw that he was surrounded by Bonnie and Arvin, he couldn't think of any way to escape.

Bonnie waved his arms constantly to bombard Zen with more flying knives. She glanced up and said with a smile, "Bergen, your timing is perfect! Help us kill this brat right now!"

The battle between Zen and the two siblings was starting to attract other people's attention.

After all, both Bonnie and Arvin were the core figures of the Warden race. But now Bergen was about to join the fight. He knew he had to help them.

The Warden members couldn't believe what they were seeing! Even Emily didn't deserve them sending so many people to deal with her after the Strength Equalizing Theurgy was activated. Where did this talented swordsman come from?

A lot of the warriors who were busy fighting stopped at that moment to see who Zen was.

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