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   Chapter 2649 Chaotic Battle

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Zelda and Luther came back to the center of the group, protected by the others encircling them.

After all, they were the two most important people here. They needed the extra protection, for the Warden race might take them as their first targets.

Zen, who was walking in the front of the group, narrowed his eyes and asked, "What if we're determined to pass through?"

The man wearing a black robe raised his hand gently, and all the butterflies surrounding him began to flutter violently, forming a pair of wings and floating behind the man. "The ball is still in your court. This is your last chance. Leave Luther and Zelda behind or you will all die!"

"There's no way!" Zelda's voice was heard ringing out from the back.

The others didn't utter a single word. They knew that by coming this far, retreating wasn't an option.

"Oh, really?" The man in the black robe sneered and waved his hand, with more intensity this time. He slowly removed the black robe attached to his body and revealed his looks.

Beneath the robe was a strong young man with a shockingly obvious scar on his nose.

As the young man removed his cloak, the other men on the roofs, equally in black robes, took theirs off too. For the Warden race, this was their battle signal.

"Seeing as you aren't seizing your final chance, you'll just have to die along with these two miserable people."


As soon as he finished speaking, the butterflies behind the young man fluttered in disorder, rushing directly at the group in a giant wave.

"You're dealing with the enemies on both sides!"

At that, Zen took the group's lead in charging the group forward.

These men in black robes all had blue energy, which was gifted to them by the Chaos Ancient God.

According to what Zelda had said, everyone would receive different benefits from the Chaos Ancient God. Now, it seemed that the dense clutter of butterflies in front of them were their greatest threat. Moreover, it was impossible for them to get too close and therefore, Zen took it upon himself to make the first move!


Emily ordered as she focused her attention.

The exiles pointed their bows and arrows at the warriors standing on both sides of the path. In seconds, they were ready to shoot them.

Swish, swish, swish...

As the arrows shot out one after the next, the Warden race's warriors all lowered their bodies at once.

With a series of deafening thuds, the arrows hit the roof tiles viciously.

"There's no way we're retreating! If we don't fight, we'll die. Come on! Let's go!"

Emily said in a clear,

d a little space and tried to attack, the butterflies moved and protected the man instead.

Zen tried to attack eight times in a row and circled around the strapping man three times. Several times, when his long sword was only a foot away from the strapping man, the butterflies surged over at the last second. Alas, Zen decided he had no choice but to give up.

"Is that your only skill?"

The strapping man grinned coldly. At that, he flicked his fingers and the blue butterflies flew around him in disorder. They began to spread in all directions!

If only the butterflies could maintain a certain rule or pattern... At least then Zen could easily avoid them.

Now that all the butterflies were moving in an irregular way though, it was much too difficult for Zen to dodge. He could only move cautiously among them. He had to be very carefully when doing so because the winged insects were in fact very dangerous.

It was a pity that Zen couldn't use the Eight Smoky Melodies in his current situation. If he could use it, then these butterflies wouldn't be capable of touching him at all, not even if he closed his eyes.


Zen kept moving backward, all while the strapping man manipulated the butterflies to continue approaching him.

Constantly dodging, Zen suddenly felt a sharp pain run up his right leg. A blue butterfly had skimmed across his outer leg, leaving a mark as thick as a thumb.

Due to his injury, Zen began to move more slowly, and countless butterflies gathered around him.

"Go to hell!" the strapping man shouted at Zen in a ferocious voice.

From Zen's point of view, he could only expect to be bitten and seriously injured by these raging butterflies within the next three seconds.

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