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   Chapter 2648 You Can't Pass

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The old man raised his head and clasped his hands together as he replied with sincerity, "You're right. Our race is indeed facing a crucial enemy invasion."

The young man that stood on top of the tombstone chuckled.

"By enemies, you mean the exiles in this world, right?" "Yes," the old man nodded.

"You came to ask for my help. Is that right?"

the young man asked again.

The old man sighed to himself and could only nod in response.

That young man might have looked crazy, but his strength sure was immeasurably compelling. Most importantly, he didn't get imprisoned in that world like the exiles.

Instead, he just showed up in the space where the Warden race resided. The old man had no clue why his master arranged such an encounter. The young man had been their neighbor for countless years. Maybe he wanted to help them for that reason.

"The old monster's Strength Equalizing Theurgy is really powerful. Even I am affected by it, so I am no different than any ordinary warrior now.

My assistance might not make any difference," the young man smiled, shaking his head.

Upon hearing his words, a complicated expression crept up on the old man's face. All of a sudden, he bent his legs and knelt before the young man.

"I ask you to please help our race," the old man said. The man with purple hair immediately grew anxious when he saw their leader kneel. "Sir!" he called out.

Since the man had already mentioned about his cultivation base being weakened due to the Strength Equalizing Theurgy, he wondered why their leader still had to beg him like that. However, the old man's gesture didn't change the expression on the young man's face.

He then jumped off the tombstone and walked straight to the old man as he clicked his tongue in annoyance, "I made a bet with Herbert in the past, which is why I've been imprisoned in this world for trillions of years. Up to this day, I still couldn't figure it out."

Hearing his words, both the old man and the man with purple hair were taken aback. They were surprised to know that he was also a prisoner of that world.

In that case, he was an enemy of the W

up. If you don't want to help us, then we shall take our leave."

The old man bowed in respect to the tomb keeper then turned around to depart.

The man with purple hair followed close behind. In his opinion, their leader made an unnecessary move by asking for the young man's help. There was no reason for them to ask assistance from a freak like him.

As they began to walk away from the tomb, the young man said, "Although your determination bores me, I appreciate persistent people like you."

As he spoke, he stretched himself which made cracking noises. "I've stayed here for too long. This tablet didn't do me any good. I think I'd like to get some good exercise now."

His statement stopped the old man in his tracks. He turned back around and looked straight at the tomb keeper. His dim eyes lit up with excitement. "Are you going to help us?"

On the other side, however, Emily, Zen, and others also stopped their steps.

A man in a black robe stood before them. Blue butterflies danced around him.

Although those butterflies were extremely beautiful, they contained deadly power.

"You can't pass," the man in the black robe said flatly.

More black-robed men began to appear on the roofs and both sides of the street.

Some of the Wild Gods and exiles could not help but take several steps back. That was the first time that they had to fight against the Warden race, and they were very frightened.

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