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   Chapter 2647 The Tomb Keeper

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Emily, Timotheus, and the others frowned when they heard the news.

It was very troublesome for all of them.

But it was relatively better than they initially expected.

At the very least, the Warden race was also restricted by the Strength Equalizing Theurgy. They wouldn't be able to go beyond their limits without the grace of the Chaos Ancient God.

If the Strength Equalizing Theurgy didn't work on the Warden race, then all of them might end up being slaughtered by the race without any room to fight back.

"Since they have the grace of the Chaos Ancient God, does that mean you and Luther can obtain it as well?" Zen asked out of curiosity.

Zelda nodded. "Hypothetically yes, but the place where we can obtain the grace isn't here. We have to go to the foot of the Pray Tablet, but it's difficult to get close to it because it is in the deepest part of our base."

"Either way, we would still have to give it a shot," Zen said with a smile.

Zelda nodded. "We're on the way there. If we get the chance to approach the Pray Tablet, I'll pray to the Chaos Ancient God for his grace."

At the core of their base.

A bunch of Life Lamps emitted steady lights around the huge disc.

Many powerful practitioners preferred not to make the Life Lamps because the Life Lamps had the tendency to expose some flaws. However, under the effect of the Strength Equalizing Theurgy, these flaws didn't exist anymore.

As a result, the Warden race had already prepared their Life Lamps and arranged them accordingly around the disc.


One of the Life Lamps suddenly made a faint sound. The bean sized flame in the middle of the lamp dimmed as it shook a few times before finally going out.

"Did Sandy's Life Lamp just go out?"

"Who could've possible killed her?"

"She was always very cautious. For some reason, she was unable to escape safely. Those people..."

Most of the members of the Warden race were gathered on the open space on the opposite side.

At the front of the open space were about seven or eight people sitting cross legged on the stairs. At the top of the stairs was a member of the Warden race. He was the old man who rotated the round disc to activate the Strength Equalizing Theurgy.

Staring at the fading

e also rarely communicated with the Warden race.

In the past, the people of the Warden race found trouble with the young man. They once gathered over a hundred members to surround him.

But the power of the young man made them realize that they could not provoke him no matter how hard they tried. He was way stronger than any exile in this world.

Fortunately for them, he was not bloodthirsty at all. He only taught them a valuable lesson during the conflict and then immediately let them go.

Since then, no one from the Warden race ever dared to provoke him again.

The Warden race had a lot of speculations about the person's real identity but they never reached a clear conclusion.

Actually, he wasn't really a tomb keeper but since he had been staying in front of the tombstone for so long, the Warden race decided to call him that way.

In the old man's mind, there must be a reason why their master brought the man there.

Now that the Warden race had reached its most critical moment, the old man hoped that he would be willing to give them the support they needed.

The old man and the black-robed man with purple hair walked towards the foot of the tombstone but they didn't see the young man right away.

As the two of them scratched their heads in confusion, they saw the young man sitting on top of the tombstone. He was looking down at them as he chuckled and said, "You have used the Strength Equalizing Theurgy of the old monster. It seems that you are in a lot of trouble."

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