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   Chapter 2646 Seek Death

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Zen's long sword blocked Sandy's two sharp blades. The sword drew back and immediately twisted towards her neck.

Fear crept up in Sandy's face. She never expected that Zen could block her attack with a weapon that was made of common iron.

It was impossible for such a weapon to dodge her attack just like that. The only thing that could've possibly allowed him to do that was the green light wrapped around it. 'How could he utilize that kind of power?' she wondered.

This unknown skill surprised her to a great extent. She knew she wasn't Zen's match. How else was she going to deal with him?

The power of Zen's sword that was coming straight for her meant death. Sandy had no other choice but to retreat. In the end, she managed to avoid the sword, but she lost her balance and fell straight on the ground.

Just as she struggled to get back on her feet, Zen's long sword was already pointed on her snow-white neck, while the green light around it had disappeared.

"Don't move, or I'll cut your neck," Zen said with a sly smile on his face. "Don't ask me how I did it either."

Sandy could only glare at Zen, her chest heaving, and her thoughts wavering.

She finally understood why Spark was unable to stop those intruders.

Under the effect of the Strength Equalizing Theurgy, only the Warden race was able to break the restrictions of the theurgy. Sandy's double blades were grace from the master.

But Zen seemed to have also broken the restrictions of the Strength Equalizing Theurgy.

She didn't have time to think about how he did it first. If these people could all break through the restrictions, it meant Spark's men weren't their enemies.

Even if the Warden race and Spark had planned it for a long time, the people they sent out to attack would not return.

From a distance, a bunch of rapid, disorderly footsteps could be heard along with some murmurs of curse words.

"Damn it! Spark sure is quick!"

"I wonder if Zen has caught up with that woman. If we can catch her, things would be a lot easier!"

"I'm a little worried about Zen's safety."

Beneath the city wall, Zen had had a brief talk wi

, with a hint of helplessness in his voice.

"You did well," Emily reassured.

An exile from the Fire Melting race nodded in agreement. "Yes. Now, we have finally killed a member of the Warden race."

The way this group of exiles talked to Zen changed. Before, they were condescending towards him, but at that moment, they treated him as an equal.

Emily bent down to study the textures that had appeared on Sandy's arms. "Zelda, are these razor blades bestowed upon her by the Chaos Ancient God?"

Stepping forward, Zelda was a little shocked by what she had seen. After all, the woman who had died right before her very eyes was a member of the Warden race, and they shared the same bloodline.

However, when she remembered the time when her family was killed, her heart grew cold again. "Yes," she replied. "After the Strength Equalizing Theurgy has been activated, the master of our race will grant us grace to help us get rid of the limitations of such theurgy."

"The grace for every one is the ability to condense a pair of sharp blades?" Zen asked, still fixated on Sandy's corpse.

If that was the case, then things would become easier.

Those blades were sharp indeed, but the Warden race weren't as difficult to deal with as they thought they would be.

"No, it isn't," Zelda shook her head. She knew why Zen was asking such a question. "Everyone's grace is different. Some are strong, and some are weak."

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