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   Chapter 2643 The Encounter

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 7098

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"Who are you?"

The exile wasn't expecting anyone to arrive first. It happened so fast that he couldn't even tell who Zen was.

But the moment he finished speaking, the flying knife had already pierced his forehead.


Before the exile fell to the ground, Zen had pulled out his long sword and held it forward.

The other three exiles reacted fast.

But with Zen using the bloodline theurgy, they had no chance of defeating him even during a head-on battle. And Zen was attacking them in a rather unique manner—they had no means to resist the attacks.

Every single one of them could hardly manage to resist. In the end, they were all killed under Zen's hands.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Emily had ordered the group to kill the Wights.

Because everyone grew more and more proficient in dealing with the Wights, the latter no longer posed as a great threat.

About five minutes later, the last Wight was slain by Timotheus' saber.

Timotheus, Emily, and the others observed the elevated platforms from a distance.

Zen's figure appeared at the very back of the platforms. He gestured to the others with his thumb and smiled easily before disappearing into the darkness.

"This guy..." The scene left Timotheus dumbfounded.

Originally, he didn't think that bringing Zen into this world would make such a difference.

The rest of the exiles were stunned speechless—it was such a strange thing. So many of them had died under Zen, a mere True God.

But Emily chuckled and called out, "Everyone, move on!"

After another ten miles, the Wights stood in their way once again.

From the shadows, Zen emerged and merely killed the lurking men again using thunderous methods. Everyone moved forward smoothly after that.

On the way, the exiles from the great races and the Wild Gods seemed to grow in their admiration.

None of them could figure out what particular method Zen had used to easily wipe out their opponents.

In spite of the mystery, they also found themselves fortunate to have Zen on their team. Otherwise, they didn't know how many of them would peri

dging from Zelda's and Luther's strength, the Warden race isn't all that strong."

They already had their inklings about the Warden race's strength, but Zelda's and Luther's appearance had confirmed them.

Before Spark answered, a figure clad in black popped up from the city wall. A woman's voice resounded, "You are right. The cultivation base of the members of our Warden race is indeed inferior to yours. But don't forget, you're not the Other Shore Realm warrior—you're just as ordinary as the mortal under the influence of the Strength Equalizing Theurgy. Our Warden race has received the master's privilege. We can break through the limit of the Strength Equalizing Theurgy."

The woman in the black robe stepped out of the shadows and revealed herself as a member of the Warden race.

Everyone's hearts skipped a beat while they were hearing these words.

If the Warden race was truly capable of breaking through the limits, all the rest would be in deep trouble.

Before the Strength Equalizing Theurgy was activated, they were strong, but after being equalized, their strength faded away. No matter how weak the Warden race was, they were still True Gods. And a single True God was enough to defeat them all.

"Don't listen to this bullshit. It's impossible for them to completely break from the restrictions of the Strength Equalizing Theurgy," Zelda announced, walking out from the crowd.

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