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   Chapter 2640 A Fierce Battle

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 7176

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Before Tyler could even draw out his saber, Zen had already passed the Wights. He raised his sword and rushed into the shadows.

When Zen charged in at first, he had attracted a large group of Wights. The fragrance of medicine emitted by Tyler and the others scared those creatures, so they never followed them.

That very moment Zen came through, a beam of blade light slashed towards him.

All of a sudden, Zen realized something and placed his long sword horizontally right in front of him.


The collision of the sword and the saber sent Zen a few steps backward.

When his eyes had already adapted to the darkness, he finally saw the person before him clearly.

Zen raised his eyebrows and smiled. "Tyler? So, we meet again."

Indeed, Zen had faced that man before.

When the Yellow Emperor race and the Nine Li race fought against each other, that exile controlled David as he battled against Zen. Later, he was forced out of the void by that arrow shot by No. 9527. At that particular time, he was in a helpless state.

Back then, there was a huge gap between Zen and Tyler in terms of strength, which was very difficult to narrow out. After all, Tyler had already reached the Other Shore Realm.

Tyler nonchalantly stared at Zen.

Not long ago, he could easily kill Zen with just a wave of his hand. Now that everyone became equal due to the Strength Equalizing Theurgy, Zen had become Tyler's strong opponent, which displeased him a great deal.

With an untamed smile, he told Zen, "You're only a True God. How dare you assume that you're my match?"

As soon as he finished speaking, he immediately swung his saber towards Zen.

"Clang! Clang! Clang!"

Along with those three crisp sounds, Zen himself had retreated three steps backward.

Tyler's saber skill was very powerful. In the Source World, he successfully became an outstanding warrior from an ordinary man by doing it step by step. He went through a lot of fatal battles and had survived countless dangers.

When he became an Other Shore Realm warrior, Tyler managed to restrain his behavior for many years while imprisoned i



The long sword flashed with a short sword light, which swept past the exile's throat and cut off his entire neck. Thick blood flowed out of the wound.

"What a cunning boy!"

The two other exiles, holding the axe and the sword, had a distressed look on their faces. It seemed as if they were grieving.

Although the three of them came from different races, they took care of one another in that world and had become close friends. They had a wonderful relationship over the years and treated each other like blood brothers.

Now that one of them was badly hurt, they grew very angry.

If only the exile's cultivation base was still high like before, such an injury was nothing. However, their bodies weren't stronger than that of mortals now, so that wound was enough to kill him.


The remaining two exiles let out a roar and immediately pounded towards Zen.

At the same time, Tyler, who had recovered, wiped the blood off his face and also rushed towards Zen with his saber clutched tightly in his hand. The three exiles put their lives at risk fighting a True God.

Facing three bold guys, Zen felt more pressure. If he kept retreating, he would be in so much danger.

Then, they heard the sound of footsteps not far away.

Zen had been facing the four men by himself for such a long time. After a while, Timotheus managed to lead a group of people to head towards Zen.

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