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   Chapter 2638 Sneak Attack

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Initially, Emily was confident that she could defeat anyone who blocked her as she tried to leave this world.

To her, she saw the Warden race as hidden bugs, unable to be seen.

But now that they were right in front of her, they had to prepare for their deaths.

What she didn't expect was that the Warden race would activate the Strength Equalizing Theurgy. As her strength weakened, she had no idea if she could leave the world.

She grew anxious.

"Don't worry." Zen slowly stood up. "Luck has always been on my side. I don't think it'll fail me just yet."

To her surprise, Zen seemed to be frighteningly confident. Soon enough, her worried face was replaced by a faint smile. This young man was so interesting, she thought.

At this moment, the other exiles and Wild Gods also woke up one after another.

After a brief rest, they continued forward.

In the depths of the platforms, Spark and a few others walked along another road in silence.

After the Strength Equalizing Theurgy was completely exerted, their strength rapidly diminished as well. This brought many inconveniences that the people weren't used to.

Luckily, the Warden race had arranged everything beforehand. All they had to do was follow as Spark had instructed.

"They are as weak as we are now, so are the arrogant Emily," Spark whispered. "And we have the help of these Wights. I believe you know what to do next..."

Lined up and ready, each of these exiles held a jet black bow in their hands.

These were the most common bows, used by mortals. The bowstrings had been tightened, and the black arrows were also in place. The heads of the arrows glowed with a faint black light.

Though they seemed intimidating, these bows posed no threat in the eyes of the exiles. In the past, even they were shot by a thousand or more arrows, they never got hurt.

But right now, they were lethal.

"Got it," one of the exiles responded, a sinister smile spreading across his face.


ushed the opposite direction. It seemed that the smelly medicine worked.

Tyler and the others let out a huge sigh of relief.

However, on the other side, "They are coming again!"

When Zen, Emily and the others saw the Wights rushing over, they still remained composed.

Everyone raised their weapons, ready for battle against the group of Wights.

Because they had enough rest, everyone was pumping with adrenaline and energy. These Wights could hardly get close to them as they were quickly killed by the exiles.

"Puff! Puff! Puff!..."

As everything became hectic, Emily was like a deft spirit, walking among the Wights. She used the saber as a prop, and it looked like she was dancing as she killed them one by one.

Not far away, Zen's killing was no less efficient than hers. The two of them took the lead, killing off more than half of the Wights on their own.

However, just as they were crazily killing, behind a high platform, several bows had already been quietly raised.

Tyler, who ended up hiding in the darkness, aimed at Emily in the front, while the other three had locked their own targets.

As soon as Tyler gave the order, everyone released their arrows in synchronization, "Swish, swish, swish..."

Several black arrows shot out, like black rain pouring out from the darkness.

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