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   Chapter 2633 Weakened

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As the watchers of this world, it was safe to say that the Warden race's strength wasn't the highest.

Their only duty was to maintain the world's operation. Most of the time, they didn't even need to show up in person.

The space Herbert had opened for them was enough to ensure their safety, and they only needed to cast their shadows when they patrolled the world. No matter how strong the exiles were, they couldn't do anything to them.

If it weren't for the conflicts between the Warden race's conservative faction and the free faction, neither the Snake Goddess nor the Nine Li race could have found this place.

As the disk slowly rotated, a light blue texture suddenly appeared on its surface and gradually spread until it was completely covered.

"I had always thought that when the Light of Adjudication came, all the survivors of the free faction would have been dead. I never figured trouble would arise at the last moment. This is our Warden race's fate..." the old man said before letting out a hefty sigh.

"The free faction disobeyed our master's will and we firmly believe that they will fail," the woman under the cloak said once again.

"The meaning of our Warden race's existence is to maintain the world's operation. We can't fail..." another voice spoke out.

Many conflicts in the world were caused by situations that weren't necessarily black or white.

The free faction wanted nothing more than to pursue their goal, while the conservative faction followed Herbert's orders. The exiles wanted to escape this world, and Zen wanted to return to the divine land.


Once the disk had spun to a certain extent, a crisp sound suddenly rang out.

At that very moment, the light blue texture was now covering the entire disk. If one was to look down from the sky above, they'd see that this texture formed the exact shape of a three-eyed monkey!


As this faint blue light continued floating, it gradually rose from the disk. It turned into a light blue shadow in the image of a three-eyes monkey.

"Greetings, Master!"

All of the Warden race's members standing on the disk suddenly knelt to the ground.

The old man looked solemn and devout. Although the other people were covered beneath their bla

rly fell to her knees.

Everyone around her was experiencing the same thing she was.

As the light spots continued touching them, they could feel their strength escaping them vigorously. The degree at which their power weakened was far beyond their imagination.

"What the hell is going on here?"

"I've never felt so weak in all my life before!"


Timotheus's, Leopold's, Ramzi's and the many other exiles' faces darkened at once. They didn't understand what was going on and felt furious.

"Is... is this the Strength Equalizing Theurgy that you've mentioned before?"

Zen stood still and asked No. 9527 after he felt the change occurring in his body.

As the light dots entered his body, he immediately felt like he had lost everything.

His previously indestructible body now became extremely fragile, no different from that of a basic mortal.

As No. 9527 had mentioned something about the Strength Equalizing Theurgy to him before, Zen thus wasn't surprised.

"Yes, when this specific truth theurgy is activated, all the creatures in the space are weakened to the same level. Look at Emily, her strength is at the same level as yours now..." No. 9527 replied.

As he heard this response, Zen smiled bitterly. "This isn't good news."

The exiles of the large races were the most important figures and more so, everyone relied on them. If Emily, Timotheus and the other powerful warriors' strength had suddenly plummeted, then it was safe to say that this was a disaster.

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