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   Chapter 2632 Start The Strength Equalizing Theurgy

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Zen frowned slightly at these words.

He was not satisfied with the power of the Falling Star Palm, but that didn't mean that he underestimated the truth theurgy.

According to what No. 9527 had said, the truth should be comprehended from the fusion of Godly Ways. This kind of energy might be related to the nature of the entire chaos.

Although Zen had condensed out the Truth Crystal, he hadn't mastered its essence completely. It had formed quickly because of his bloodline.

On the contrary, the Warden race must be quite powerful.

They believed in Herbert and carried out his orders to control the world. They must have learned many tricks from him.

If so, how would Emily and Timotheus deal with it?

"Can I really go up against the Strength Equalizing Theurgy with my Falling Star Palm?" Zen asked, still not convinced. He still couldn't understand how a theurgy that did not meet actual combat requirements could be used to fight against a powerful theurgy like Herbert's.

"You'll know when the time comes," No. 9527 replied.

Since it spoke with confidence, Zen nodded and didn't ask any more questions. He followed the crowd in silence.

With the formidable strength of the exiles and Zelda herself at the helm, the team had become unstoppable.

Although exiles from a few small races had repeatedly attempted to assassinate the team members, the team had easily dealt with them and even killed some of those exiles.

In three days, the team covered tens of thousands of miles in this space.

When the once-distant high platforms finally came into view, many of the team members' eyes lit up in excitement.

After all, the expedition they had embarked on was a large one, but it had gone smoothly so far. Ever since they had entered this space, they had lost only one companion, Quintin; they had traveled the rest of the distance without meeting any great difficulty.

But Emily, Timotheus, and a few other people were not as optimistic.

The journey had gone far too smoothly for their taste; they couldn't help but find it abnormal.

Moreover, they were not only fighting against Spark,

ow what Spark meant.

As Spark turned around and looked at the central area of the high platforms, a black jade pendant appeared in his hand. With a slight pinch of his fingers, he broke the jade pendant into pieces.

When the jade pendant broke, a disc with a diameter of more than ten thousand feet appeared thousands of miles away from this place.

And on the disc stood hundreds of people in black cloaks.

In the center of this disc was an old man with a stoop.

This old man was so skinny that his face looked like a skull. He was a member of the Warden race and the leader of the conservative faction.

"Unexpectedly, the two little kids have brought them here anyway..." the old man murmured.

His voice was as small as an insect's, but it clearly reached everyone's ears.

"Spark and his companions are good for nothing. They can't stop them at all," commented a purple-haired young man standing beside the old man.

The old man chuckled. "There is indeed a big gap between them in strength. Ever since Emily found the two survivors, I knew this day would come."

"Master, should we start the Strength Equalizing Theurgy now?" A crisp female voice came from a black cloak.

The old man gave a long sigh, and something unreadable flashed in his eyes. Then, finally making up his mind, he nodded slightly.

At this moment, the huge disc under these cloaked people's feet began to slowly spin...

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