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   Chapter 2631 The Strength Equalizing Theurgy

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Burt, who was now curled up on the ground, let out a sudden, strangled laugh.

Emily frowned at him. "What are you laughing at?" she barked.

"Spark has come! Of course he's come!" he said, his eyes glowing as he stared at her.

"So what?" she said, sneeringly. "He is no match for me. But I hadn't expected you exiles to be so stupid as to follow the Yellow Emperor race!"

The Yellow Emperor race was the second strongest in this world, but was still quite inferior to the Snake Goddess race.

There was almost no match for Emily in this world. Timotheus and Spark might be her opponents, but they were still inferior to her.

"Or what? You think nothing of us!" Burt roared ferociously at Emily's words. "You big races always oppress us, step by step. You have the chance to escape now, but did you consider us? Did you count us? To be honest, I don't think the Warden race will really let us leave after we kill you. But since we can't leave, neither can you guys!"

The exiles were taken aback at how fiercely Burt was reacting.

Over the past few years, the smaller races and their exiles had been oppressed to no end.

Since it was the group of exiles who supported the development of a race, it was obvious that they were immensely strong. Although many of the small races chose to form allies, they still couldn't fight against the large races that were way stronger than them, especially top-rank races like the Snake Goddess race and the Nine Li race.

When the small races were oppressed, their exiles could only make their clansmen retreat. They couldn't change the fact that they had to endure what they were going through. And as time passed, the exiles became full of resentment towards the large races.

They had lived in the same world in the past.

Now that exiles like Burt had heard the news of the Snake Goddess race finding a way to escape from this world, the resentment they had accumulated over the years finally erupted.

Just as Burt had predicted, since they were unable to leave, the large races of this world couldn't leave either.

They were li

t and watch. The Warden race will finally use the Strength Equalizing Theurgy that Herbert passed on. By then, these powerhouses at the Other Shore Realm will definitely be stunned, and will have to rely on your Falling Star Palm."

Once Zen learned the Truth Crystal of the Chaos Ancient God, No. 9527 taught him the methods of using it.

The methods of using the Truth Crystal were broad and profound. Zen could not master some of them at his present stage. But the Falling Star Palm was the Chaos Ancient God's most basic theurgy.

Although Zen had mastered it to some extent, he had never used it in front of others.

The Truth Crystal itself was not so powerful in Zen's opinion. It couldn't be as frightening as it was made out to be. Zen thought it was far weaker than the Ways-blending Energy.

"The Strength Equalizing Theurgy? What is it?"

Zen froze, almost forgetting that No. 9527, a wisp of the soul of the Chaos Ancient God, knew this world better than anyone.

But he didn't ask about it before, nor did No. 9527 mention it.

"Herbert was the Chaos Ancient God who pursued the equality of all living beings. He comprehended the Strength Equalizing Theurgy from the Godly Ways Great Unity. He built this prison, although his body isn't here. It isn't strange for the Warden race to use the Strength Equalizing Theurgy when they have to, is it?" No. 9527 explained patiently.

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