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   Chapter 2630 Heavy Sea Water

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"Spark, what else you're worried about?" A bearded exile uttered, "We have all seen the means the Warden race set up. We are far more superior than them. I am sure even 10 Emilys would stand no chance against us!"

Hearing this, Spark smiled faintly. "You're right, but don't forget that the girl and her brother are in the hands of Emily, and they know this place like the back of their hand. The Warden race could not be feeling really confident, otherwise why would they lure us here to fight them?"

"You have a point there..." The bearded man nodded.

The other exiles were also silent.

Aside from Spark and the exiles from the Yellow Emperor race who belonged to the first tier, the twenty-plus exiles were slightly weaker.

If they were to engage in direct combat with Emily, there was no doubt that these warriors would lose.

In order to leave the world, they had no choice but to let themselves be used by the Warden race. The result of the battle was equally important to them.

As Zelda led the way, Emily, Timotheus, and their group started picking up speed.

There was no attractive scenery in this dark space. The grey color seemed to be designed to make people feel depressed and hopeless. Fortunately, the exiles had strong minds, and all of them looked very calm.

However, the elders of various races and the elite Wild Gods were all on edge. At the very slightest of sounds, they would become very vigilant. Long term vigilance would cause them to quickly get tired.

Only Emily and the others who walked ahead leading the way could make them feel slightly relaxed.

After they had walked for a hundred miles, they started hearing the faint sound of water. It sounded like ocean waves constantly rolling. Oddly enough, there was no water in sight at all.

Hearing this odd noise, Zelda stopped immediately.

"What's wrong?" Emily asked as she stepped forward.

"It's the Heavy Sea Water," said Zelda with a frown.

"What is the Heavy Sea Water?" Emily asked.

Just as Emily asked, a series of slender bubbles suddenly appeared on the ground in the distance, moving towards them at an alarming speed.

"Be ca

eir safety, especially Adele.

After all, her father was one of them.

The intense roar lasted for a period of time before it quieted down, and the water arrows that were shot from afar also disappeared.

Not long after, three beams of light flew over from afar. Everyone was relieved to see the three exiles of the Nine Li race return safely.

Timotheus was in the lead, and he carried one man in his hand!


After he arrived at the front of the crowd, he threw the man down casually, tossing him down in front of everyone.

As the exiles looked down, confused expressions appeared on their faces.

"Is that Burt?"

"Isn't he Burt from the Four-image race?"

"What is he doing here?"

The Four-image race was a small race with its bloodline. In this race, there were only two exiles, one of whom was Burt. They all recognized the man lying in front of them immediately.

Timotheus stared at the man and said, "Apart from him, those who released the water arrows just now also included one member from the Earth Fiend race, and one member from the Nine Eyes race. The two of them have been killed by me. It seems that these small races have entered this place before us."

Emily frowned. "So, Spark is also here?"

In her eyes, the exiles from those small races were not a big threat to her, but the strength of Spark still made Emily scared, especially when he was lurking somewhere to launch attacks.

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