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   Chapter 2629 The Erasing Water

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No one had ever charted out the entirety of this world's expanse.

The prison in which they were incarcerated only took up a very small area at the bottom of the chaos.

The exiles only needed to pass through the serrated area and they would be able to leave this world.

A number of exiles had already tried this, including Emily and Timotheus.

Considering their strength, it would have been an easy task for them to make it through the serrated area, as the prison didn't actually use real walls to keep them inside. What really stopped one from leaving was the Curse Chain.

So far, no one had been able to break free from the Curse Chain yet. The chain would have pulled them back immediately even if they thought they had been successful in escaping from this world.

The exiles knew that Luther was the only one that had the ability to destroy the Curse Chain. They looked to him for guidance in getting out of this world.

As she gazed upon the serrated area, Emily asked curiously, "Is the Warden race's lair not located in this world?"

Luther only looked ahead and nodded in response. He drew a circle in the air as he extended his hand.

Suddenly, they saw a unique scene appear inside the circle.

The Curse Chains binding hundreds of thousands of people were entangled with each other in a great mass that extended beyond the serrated area into the darkness.

The chains made a tortuous path that twisted and turned.

"Can we find the lair of the Warden race along that path?" When Emily saw the path clearly, she raised her eyebrows slightly.

The other exiles expectantly directed their gazes towards Luther.

In turn, Luther looked towards Zelda.

Actually, he still hadn't reached a deeper understanding of his own race's secrets. His sister was the one he depended on for this type of matter.

Zelda nodded in acknowledgment and confirmed, "Yes, we can find them by following this path, but I think they've been well-prepared."

"We've been well-prepared, too," Emily sneered.

Almost all of the exiles had cold smiles on their faces, and several of them even clenched their fists in their intense desire to finally get their revenge on the Warden race.

After being imprisoned for eons by the damned Warden race, it was understandable why the exiles all bore a grudge against the said race. Now that they finally had an opportunity to make the Warden race pay, they could barely hold back their glee.

"Then, please follow us," Zelda said with a smile.

At the head of the group

We have no cause to panic as long as we are careful not to tear space apart. Everything will be fine!"

Even after Timotheus reassured them, everyone's spirits were still down.

It had not been an easy task for the exiles to reach this place. The two sides hadn't had a direct confrontation yet, but one of them had already died out of the blue. This trip would most probably be more challenging than what they had expected.

Since the start of their journey, Zen kept his silence as he followed the group quietly.

Although he had already made great progress, he knew he still wasn't powerful enough as compared to these exiles.

At the moment, he knew he wouldn't be able to be of much help yet, so he could only wait and see.

"Master Timotheus is right," Zelda nodded in affirmation. "Everyone, follow me. Even though they have set many traps, they are not as powerful as you think. Just be careful and don't be so reckless!"

With Zelda in the lead, the group of a hundred people made their way forward in the dark world.

Right at that moment, there was a group of more than thirty people standing on an elevated platform deep in the world's recesses.

They were not members of the Warden race, but another group of exiles from the bone towers.

They were apparently led by no other than Spark of the Yellow Emperor race.

"Hey, this proves that this place is indeed powerful. Quintin hadn't been able to resist it and it became the end for him. In the past, I was his defeated opponent!" one of the exiles said with a laugh.

With a grim expression on his face, Spark shook his head and said, "Don't be too careless. I'm afraid it's not as easy as you think."

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