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   Chapter 2624 The Superior's Strategy

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Updated: 2020-02-21 16:19

People in higher positions were, generally speaking, usually more apathetic.

Despite that, it didn't go to say that such warriors were cruel and bloodthirsty individuals, but compelled by certain circumstances, they were obliged to make important decisions.

Emily had never been considered ruthless or barbaric, but right now, she didn't hesitate in the least.


She suddenly and forcefully pointed at the crowd.

Not far ahead of her, a beam of colorful light had begun to make its appearance. As it became brighter and brighter, the colorful light resembled a colorful little snake, slithering in the air. Its head slowly began chasing its tail, until it was connected end to end, forming a ring.

The beam of light gained speed until it was spinning extremely fast. As it spun at the highest of speeds, it emitted a horrifying aura.

A few Wild Gods halted and froze as they felt the horrifying aura creep over them, fear etched on their faces.

"What kind of method is that? I'm afraid it's even more powerful than the Light of Adjudication itself!"

"If someone were to be strangled by the ring of light, they would definitely die!"

Before long, these fearful voices were drowned out by others who were more confident in their words.

"We have so many warriors here. She might not even dare kill us!"

"You're right. She can't kill us all, that's for sure."

"Don't be afraid. Let's charge together at once!"

The Wild Gods' eyes had turned red with emotion. They knew very well that their only chance of survival was entering the bone tower. The desire and will to live had already completely suppressed the fear they felt in their hearts.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh...

One after the next, the Wild Gods rushed forward without stopping. On the contrary, they picked up as much speed as they possibly could.

"I don't dare kill anyone?" A faint smile could be seen on Emily's face. Her right hand made a grab at the ring of light and then gave a slight twist.

Crash, crash...

In an instant, the ring of light suddenly began to emit a forceful suction.

So much so, in fact, that the suction was too strong to resist.

It didn't matter anymore whether the Wild Gods were several thousand feet high, or even tens of thousands of feet, they only felt a terrifying suction take over them. Even when unleashing their strongest power, they still couldn't manage to break free. They felt themselves gradually

of the other surrounding exiles were suddenly enlightened by his explanation.

"In other words, if I understand correctly, we should arrange our assassins within the last batch of the Wild Gods. Is that right?" another exile asked.

"Correct," Spark nodded.

"But even if our assassins succeed in entering the Torrent Bone Tower, they still won't have the chance to make a move." An exile expressed his worry as he frowned at the others.

Even if the Snake Goddess race brought a few of the Wild Gods to the bone tower, she would order her people to watch over them like hawks. It was almost impossible for the assassins hiding within the group to escape, nor would they have the chance to kill the siblings. It was difficult to even find them.

"Of course not," agreed Spark with a calm look on his face.

"Then tell us, Spark, what's your real purpose?"

These exiles were quickly confused by Spark's words. In their eyes, what Spark planned was useless. However, as smart as he was, they knew he would never do such a thing as waste his time.

"Just watch for yourself, and you'll see," said Spark, a confident expression taking over his handsome face.


The ring of light summoned by Emily had, up to this point, successfully killed more than nine million Wild Gods at the foot of the Torrent Bone Tower.

These Wild Gods didn't even leave their corpses. Instead, they were immediately ground into dust and disappeared from this world.

At last, when there were about twenty or thirty thousand Wild Gods remaining outside the bone tower, the ring of light, which symbolized death, finally stopped rotating.

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