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   Chapter 2623 Cold-blooded

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This kind of situation not only happened in the territory of the Snake Goddess race.

There were countless Wild Gods in the Nine Li race, Star Deer race and other main races that were instigated by the Yellow Emperor race.

However, for the Yellow Emperor race, the Snake Goddess race was their ultimate goal.

Under the Torrent Bone Tower, about ten million people had activated the Wild God Power. They transformed themselves into figures of a few thousand or tens of thousands of feet high. They all piled up and formed into a layer of wall, blocking the entrance of the bone tower completely.

At the entrance of the Torrent Bone Tower, six elders from the Snake Goddess race were fiercely guarding the place.

"How could this be even possible? Who has spread the news of Light of Adjudication?" an old woman with a hunch back exclaimed angrily.

Previously, before the Light of Adjudication descended, a small number of Wild Gods would try to break into the bone towers, but it would be dozens or hundreds of people at the most. Depending on the situation, the Snake Goddess race would either selectively chose a part of them to let them stay or mercilessly just kill them all.

But this time, things were different. All the Wild Gods in the territory of the Snake Goddess race were present.

Now the situation became more complicated.

Even though the Torrent Bone Tower was considerably large, it was difficult to accommodate so many Wild Gods!

"Someone is deliberately spreading the news. We are yet to make out the intentions for the attempt," an astonished female elder commented.

"What can be their purpose?" asked another woman coolly.

The former lady snorted coldly. "Isn't it clear? Their reason could be the two people from the Warden race."

The Snake Goddess race had accepted those two people, fully aware of the consequences that they would have to face. It was as good as announcing a war on the Warden race.

However, they assumed that the real confrontation would come only after the Light of Adjudication descended. They never expected that they would use such tricks before that!

"That cannot be possible. The Warden race obviously doesn't have so many people. Is it even possible for them to instigate so many people in such a short time?" the enchanting female elder commented with a tinge of doubt.

Besides, the Warden race rarely revealed themselves to others. They wer

eally do so. There were over ten million warriors in this place!

These several elders were born and grew up in this world after all.

Although they regarded the Wild Gods as people of wilderness, it was still difficult for them to kill ten million living creatures.

Emily and Timotheus, who were powerful warriors among the exiles, had already regarded ordinary creatures as weeds. In order to leave here, they wouldn't hesitate even if they were to kill ten times the number of people present.

Until now, the Wild Gods who gathered, had a sliver of hope that the Snake Goddess race would be benevolent and allow them to stay in the Torrent Bone Tower. That was why, they didn't rush into the tower immediately.

But now when they heard Emily speak, their hearts sank.

"We belong to the territory of the Snake Goddess race!"

"How can you bear to watch us die?"

"I would rather be killed by you than be cleansed by the Light of Adjudication."

These people knew their fate, but who would be willing to accept it?

Sounds of begging, shouting, and roaring reverberated in the air. The whole place was in chaos.

There were rage and disappointment among the people. Everyone present were torn between emotions.

Nobody knew who took the lead, but suddenly some of them rushed towards the entrance of the Torrent Bone Tower, and more Wild Gods followed.

All the Wild Gods united as a force and dashed towards the Torrent Bone Tower behind Emily like a torrent.

Witnessing the changing scene down below, Emily slightly shook her head and sighed, "Don't blame me for being cold-blooded then."

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