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   Chapter 2622 Storming The Torrent Bone Tower

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The green block looked quite ordinary, nothing special.

However, there was a hint of excitement in the eyes of Timotheus and the others.

"Is this the inheritance from the Chaos Ancient God?" asked Timotheus with his greedy eyes shining.

Zen raised his eyebrows slightly and asked, "Did you know about it, Master Timotheus?"

Timotheus nodded and said, "I already guessed it when you went through the Body Tribulations last time, but I didn't think you would be able to obtain the inheritance in such a short period of time. It's remarkable."

Timotheus didn't continue. Even Ramzi and his companions tried their best to suppress their curiosity.

This was Zen's secret, and they were being rude by prying.

The exiles had no idea about the Chaos Ancient God's purpose, but it was not a bad thing for the Nine Li race.

In fact, it was a blessing in their eyes.

After Timotheus and the others left, Zen asked for a quiet place to continue his research on that energy.

"You're very talented to be able to grasp a Truth Crystal in just half a month," No. 9527 commented. "But don't get too excited yet. A complete truth is like a towering tree, and what you have mastered is only the smallest root. You can't display its power yet."

Zen nodded. Although the square Truth Crystal was indeed mysterious, it was not so powerful as Zen's own energy to fuse the Godly Ways.

"Don't worry, I will teach you how to use the Truth Crystal," No. 9527 added.

The Truth Crystal was the bloodline theurgy of the Chaos Ancient God. After he observed the Godly Ways Great Unity, he had comprehended his truth himself, and then integrated it into his bloodline.

Using this Truth Crystal, or the bloodline theurgy, was very important. Next, Zen would continue to cultivate tirelessly.

The time for the arrival of the Light of Adjudication was drawing near.

The atmosphere in the bone tower grew intense. When the Light of Adjudication finally came, all the Wild Gods in the world, except the major races inside the bone towers, would be obliterated.

According to past experience, most of the Wild Gods would experience the Light of Adjudication without even knowing.

They would only have a few seconds left by the time they realized that the Light of Adjudication had arrived. Then they wo

to join the Yellow Emperor race and seek refuge in their bone tower if he instigated the Wild Gods to charge into the Torrent Bone Tower.

His strategy had been a success.

"Sorry, our Yellow Emperor race's bone tower will not be able to contain so many people," Roy said with an evil grin.

The man's face darkened. He stared at Roy and snapped, "But you promised me!"

"So what?" Roy said lightly, "You can also storm into the Torrent Bone Tower with them. Maybe you'll have a chance to live!"

"You, you…traitor! I'll fight it out with you!"

The middle-aged man flew into a rage and began to activate the Wild God Power within his body to fight his backstabbing opponent.

But before he could begin to swell up, Roy had already turned into a streak of light and flown past him.

The middle-aged man's eyes widened in surprise and his body stiffened.

At the same time, blood gushed out from Roy's fingertips.


The middle-aged man fell to the ground, and Roy gently shook his right hand to clean off the blood stains on it. He looked at the middle-aged man's corpse and said, "Why did you force me to do that? As a lowly person in the wilderness, you should accept your death by the Light of Adjudication."

Then, Roy disappeared into the darkness again.

Such things happened often in all big cities.

All the cities and the Wild Gods within the territory of the Snake Goddess race were encouraged by the Yellow Emperor race. For the first time, ten million Wild Gods rushed towards the Torrent Bone Tower.

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