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   Chapter 2618 Teaching

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The leader of the fairy palace right now wasn't Hallet, nor was it Augustus.

It was, instead, the charismatic Harold.

After Mike died and Bromley left the divine land, it was he who planned and put everything into place.

He was calm in the face of Margaret's relentless questioning. "Zen is indeed missing but we are currently working hard in tracing him."

"Why is he missing?! You... What did you do to him? How did you treat him?" Margaret might look obedient but she quickly grew hysterical if she got angry. She wouldn't be able to distinguish between friend and foe once she got into one of her moods.

Her temper also made her blind to whether or not the person in front of her was weaker or much stronger than her.

Joy, however, was quite intrigued by Margaret's temper. She slowly walked up to the young woman and talked to her in a soft, calming tone, "The fate will bless Zen. He'll be fine."

"How would you know?!" Margaret shot back with a gloomy face.

Augustus couldn't help but roll his eyes. He wasn't as well-mannered as Hallet and Harold so he wasn't averse to arguing with a hysterical woman. "You know what? Nobody knows if he's fine because nobody knows where he is!"

Margaret got even angrier when she heard this. Her eyes were suddenly filled with killing intent and a purple mist started to swirl around her body.

In the blink of an eye, four long swords appeared beside her and were directly aimed towards Augustus.

"Hey! How dare you?!" Augustus yelled with an exaggerated expression on his face. Given Margaret's cultivation base, she was only showing off her incompetence in front of an expert. Augustus intended to severely make fun of her.

However, Joy stood in front of Margaret and gently hooked her fingers.

The four swords that were on their way to Augustus lost direction and circled around Joy instead.

This sudden change in trajectory and movement filled Margaret with shock upon realizing that she had lost control over the purple mist.

What was more interesting was how the four swords quickly dispersed around Joy into purple mist and began transforming into different shapes like dragons, strange birds, and exotic beasts. Joy was now fully in control and could

ablets they housed would mysteriously disappear.

Lone had opened that door and set his foot down upon a new path of fate.

In the Evolutionary Universe, Wynn helped the Godly Geniuses steal out one after another and also activated the 833rd rule continuously. Given the extraordinary talents of these Godly Geniuses, they too forged their own paths upon entering the divine land.

Some of their paths were clear and straight, while others deviated slightly.

This deviation brought unexpected adventure but also great danger. Some advanced sharply but others ended up getting killed.

"Eight hundred thousand wild bones!"

Over one hundred Wild Gods helped Zen extract the Wild God Power and inject it into the Cave of Wildness.


Under the immense pressure of his bones tangled together, Zen's bone membrane continuously made this nasty, rasping sound.

The pain intensified even more!

It was even more difficult for Zen now as he tried to become a top-rank Wild God.

Once one reached this peak, it was said that there would be no more bottlenecks. A warrior's body had the potential to grow infinitely as long as they devoured enough wild bones.

This was the reason why Adele and several others managed to reach astonishing heights of three to four million feet.

However, none of them were able to break through to the Other Shore Realm. This was a dilemma they had to face since the rules that matched the Wild Gods in the whole chaos were no more.

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