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   Chapter 2617 Missing

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In fact, Margaret and Letitia had both met Augustus before.

At that time, Zen had battled against the incarnation of Augustus while passing the True Path.

However, Augustus' attentions had then been focused on Zen, so he hadn't even given Margaret a thought.

Augustus knew without a doubt that there were several important people locked up in the dungeon of the fairy palace, especially Wayne who had left a deep impression on Augustus before.

Therefore, Augustus was able to instantly recognize him.

They finally arrived at the land transitioning into the Swirl Forest, and a flash of pale golden light effused the big trees inside the Swirl Forest.

It was this living, writhing golden light that repulsed all others from taking a step forward.

Even though Wayne was a top-rank True God, he was also unable to enter into the forest.

"What transpired just now?"

Just before Augustus began to merge with the forest soul, the entire Swirl Forest emanated waves of anger.

Wayne had never witnessed such a scene. He was stunned, and his big mouth gaped wipe open.

Margaret couldn't comprehend what was happening.

She was a bit familiar with the lore of the Swirl Forest. However, she still questioned, "Is there really no way to enter?"

"No way! All of the forbidden areas have only one way in. Now, this entrance is shut to us, and it is impossible even for a consummate True God to enter it by force!" Wayne said firmly, "Unless you have the means to enter the Floating Island of a powerful clan and use the transmission array on the Floating Island!"

"The Floating Island of a powerful clan? What's that? Can I join this powerful clan on the Floating Island?" Margaret wondered aloud, blinking her eyes.

Wayne became somewhat impatient upon hearing Margaret's musings. This woman seemed to be ignorant about everything. Given the complexity of this situation, it might take him forever to explain this to her.

It didn't even matter whether she was qualified to join a powerful clan or not. If she really wanted to do it, taking her out of the Cyan Demon Region and getting her to the Time Sea would be a great challenge to Wayne.

He felt a sense of regret then. He hadn't expected his men to bring Zen's woman back and give her to him. Already this had caused him a lot of grief.

As Wayne became somewhat morose, there was a sudden change in the Swirl Forest.

An invisible force ebbed out of the fairy palace inside the Swirl Forest.

Crash, crash, crash...

Instantly, the trees groaned and tumbled over to either side with

tter among the powerful clans on the Floating Islands.

Three Holy Beings had died, and one universe had collapsed. It was said that Nicholas had captured someone underground.

As for Zen, there was no sign of him anywhere.

This was an unacceptable result to Harold and those others in the fairy palace.

While they were still in the dark about what happened, they could only bear the news of this shocking result. All that they could do was to work harder and harder according to their original plan. There was no time to morn or lament as they shouldered the heavy burden.

Therefore, everyone was in a bad mood recently. Margaret's unwitting question had stirred up everyone's regrets, and they felt the loss again as their hearts sank.

"My brother is missing," Yan whispered sadly to Margaret, who she had never met.

Margaret's eyebrows immediately furrowed in fear as her face became a pale lavender. "Missing? What do you mean?"

Lavender noticed Margaret's expression and sadly shook her head.

Letitia blinked her eyes, fighting the tears that threatened there, and her long eyelashes fluttered.

They knew Margaret all too well, and she might not restrain her emotions.

Only Joy, who stood to the side, was watching Margaret with great interest.

She had detected an astonishing quality in Margaret. This woman had successfully cultivated the Purple Aura Godly Way, and her Purple Power Body was most unique. Naturally, Joy was intrigued.

Harold had revealed some of Mike's plan to Joy, including some insight about the Godly Geniuses who had great talents.

Margaret must be one of the so-called Godly Geniuses, but what Joy hadn't expected was that Margaret was also Zen's wife.

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