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   Chapter 2616 The Soul Of The Forest

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Pop! Pop! Pop!

The vicious beasts couldn't resist Harold's fist at all.

They had encountered such an attack after passing through the Purple Sky Land. Without any time to even react, they had all turned into a pool of blood mist.

Weaker fierce beasts had been torn apart only by Harold's air waves.

But even consummate True Gods found it difficult to deal with such beasts.

In the octagonal pavilion, the scene took Hallet's breath away.

"This guy… What a strong freak!"

Back then, Harold was indeed also very powerful, but the gap between him and Hallet wasn't all that wide.

If Hallet encountered Harold in the Arena of Legends, there would've been a 40% chance of Hallet's victory.

But now, the strength that Harold displayed had put a great distance between him and Hallet—there was no doubt that it was all because of the Everest Spirit Mountain.

'After Harold took control of the mountain, his strength has improved remarkably. I wonder about Gus' future progress.' While Hallet was lost in thought, he felt a sudden tremble from the fishing rod in his hand.

His round eyes flashed as his expression changed. "Gus, the fishing rod is shaking! Attention!"

The rod was over 10, 000 miles long, but Hallet could still feel its subtle vibration.

In the lake over 10, 000 miles away, the bobber swayed intensely.

Augustus held his breath in the void above it.

It had been several days and nights since he settled there.

The creature they intended to capture was highly alert, sensitive to every little sound and movement around it. Once it sensed any such movement, it would curl up deep within the lake.

But now, it finally swallowed the bait.

Augustus was still rather nervous—if it ran away again, they'd probably lose any chance of finding it again.

Plop! Plop! Plop!

The undulation in the water grew more and more violent, indicating the restlessness of the creature there.

In the fairy palace, Hallet suddenly stood up and raised his arm like a lotus root, tugging hard on the fishing rod. Simultaneously, he said to Augustus through his life vitality, "It is time!"


As he pulled the rod, his strength was tra

Standing in a pool of blood in the fairy palace, Harold gasped for breath. The huge square was filled with the acrid smell of blood—the liquid had reached up to his knees. One could only imagine how many beasts he had killed there.

"It's over. Saul, let Yan, Geoffrey, and the others come out," Hallet sighed heavily in relief.

At long last, they had fulfilled the heavy task their master had charged them with.

After being locked up for so long, Geoffrey, Letitia, Yan, Lavender, and the others finally left the training tower.

But the moment they stepped out, the bloody scene before them frightened them.

"So many beasts were killed!" Geoffrey exclaimed, wide-eyed in surprise.

Lavender inhaled the air—she had missed the taste of blood after killing. "Did you succeed?"

Hallet nodded once and pointed to the air.

A faint halo of light appeared in the void. Within it was Augustus' body resting quietly.

After being integrated with the soul of the forest, his temperament had undergone a great change. His long black eyebrows were also stained and now a light golden color.

But Augustus was wearing a strange expression as he said to Hallet, "I saw the Big Mouth we met in the dungeon. Didn't Zen release him? Why did he come to the Swirl Forest? It looks like he's with a woman."

After controlling the Swirl Forest, Augustus could feel every single thing in the forest—he had found Wayne and Margaret at the edge of the forest.

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