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   Chapter 2614 Looking For Her Husband

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Upon hearing the woman's response, those strong men burst into fits of uncontrollable laughter.

It didn't take them much effort to deceive this woman into coming with them. They thought she was a weirdo who wasn't cautious at all.

"Come with me then," the mid-rank True God said, leading the way.

The other proving godly warriors and the low-rank True God followed suit. The woman walked forward, surrounded by all those warriors.

It seemed as if she was being held hostage, but the woman didn't see anything wrong with what was going on.

The Cyan Demon Region territory was sparsely populated. After the city was abandoned, its ruins became a home for extremely tall and huge plants from the Swirl Forest.

Normally, weeds could only grow up to the knee, but over there, they towered the entire place and almost reached the skies and the sun.

On several occasions, they would hear strange bestial noises from the depths of the forest, which scared them.

Finally, the woman came to her senses. She murmured, "Er...where are you taking me?"

"To meet our leader!" the mid-rank True God answered with a mocking laugh.

His words made her rather unhappy. "I'm not here to meet your leader. I'm going to the Swirl Forest."

"I know. Our leader knows where you can find it," the mid-rank True God explained.

As much as possible, the mid-rank True God didn't want any trouble. He tried his best not to get himself into conflict with that woman. The less trouble, the better. If she just followed him, then it would be much easier for all of them.

If she did something stupid, then he would be forced to take action.


the woman responded. However, she had this look on her face. 'Something's not right, ' she thought.

Unfortunately, she was a little naive.

Back when she was still in the universe, she had a master who protected her even if she could crush countless warriors in the Illusion Battlefield using her own strength.

However, in the divine land, she didn't have as much control as before.

Even before she managed to sneak into the divine land, her master and fellow disciples had already given her tons of suggestions and words of advice. Those obviously

some mid-rank True Gods in the divine land would find it difficult to withstand the power of the woman's four swords.

To her surprise, the top-rank True God opened his mouth which was filled with long white teeth. In the blink of an eye, he swallowed all of the swords.

He used the Heaven Devouring Technique. By practicing such skill, he could swallow almost anything he wanted to.

The top-rank True God rubbed his belly and laughed mockingly. "The internal momentum coming from the Purple Aura Godly Way is delicious! Chick, why did you come to the Cyan Demon Region?"

The woman immediately sank into despair.

She couldn't help but resent herself for being too weak. She only went there to see her husband in the Swirl Forest. She thought the people who resided closest to the forest could help her, but she was wrong.

She never thought it to be such a weird place.

If she didn't leave soon, she could die.

There was bitterness written all over her face. With a hint of sadness in her voice, she said, "I intend to enter the Swirl Forest to find my husband."

The Swirl Forest was a forbidden area of the divine land. Only members of the powerful clans on the Floating Islands were qualified to explore it. That woman just said that her husband was inside the Swirl Forest.

The rest burst into laughter.

All of them laughed except the top-rank True God. He opened his mouth and asked, "Your husband? Which part of the Swirl Forest is he staying at?"

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