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   Chapter 2613 The Traveler

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Luckily, the broken sword that Lone possessed was already familiar with the Thunderstorm Mountain.

He had managed to resist all of the attacks at the periphery of the mountain range using his own strength.

After he had successfully entered the inner circle of the Thunderstorm Mountain, the golden thunder had become stronger and faster. Lone's current strength level was not enough to let him cross this place.

However, the broken sword was well prepared for this journey.

The Thunderstorm Mountain had an ancient history.

It used to be the ancestral property of a large clan in the divine land. This clan also had Holy Beings, and they had been above the Time Sea dozens of divine eras ago. They had become a powerful clan above the Time Sea, and were famed across the divine land at that time.

Unfortunately, their honor and fame did not last too long.

This clan was sidelined by the alliance of the powerful clans on the Floating Islands. As its foundation was not solid, the alliance of the powerful clans managed to quickly drown its Floating Island in the Time Sea. Naturally, the ancestral land was also affected and the members of this clan were exterminated.

Now Lone's sword was to guide him to obtain all the inheritances of this clan.

The broken sword carried this hatred within it.

But it was just a sword, and there was no way for it to take revenge.

Years later, when Mike obtained this broken sword, he allowed it to choose a swordsman in the Evolutionary Universe for itself. In the end, the sword pinned its hopes on Lone.

Lone was just a Godly Genius, so it was impossible for him to help the sword take revenge. However, the sword's goal was consistent with Mike's so the only reason it assisted Lone was to help itself!

Lone entered the inner circle and a strange blue rune flashed on the blade of the sword. When the rune flew into Lone's mind, a blue path appeared in his eyes.

The blue path winding through the mountain extended a long distance.

When Lone followed this path, he discovered that all the golden thunderbolts seemed to be paying special attention to him, and each and every one carefully avoided him.

No matter how intense the thunderbolts on both sides of the path were, not one of them hit him! It was as if he had invisible halo of protection around him.

He entered the inner circle of the Thunderstorm Mountain with ease and reached the end of the path, whe

the woman. They surrounded her immediately.

Amazingly, the woman was not frightened at all. Instead, she just stared at the men blankly and asked, "What place is this?"

"This is the Cyan Demon Region," answered the mid-rank True God who was leading the team.

"The Cyan Demon Region?"

The woman repeated and appeared more confused than before.

She vaguely recalled that the fairy palace was located in the Swirl Forest. After she entered the divine land, she had to go into the Swirl Forest before she could find the fairy palace.

"Where is the Swirl Forest?" the woman asked the hulks around her.

"Swirl Forest? Ha-ha! It's not far from here, but it's not a place you can enter," the mid-rank True God laughed wickedly as his gaze wantonly swept over her.

The Swirl Forest kept expanding much like other forbidden lands.

Now, almost three quarters of the Cyan Demon Region had been swallowed up by the forest. All clans, large and small, which once lived in the Cyan Demon Region, had already moved away, and the ones gathered in the Cyan Demon Region were all notorious gangsters of the divine land.

"Why can't I enter it?" the woman asked curiously.

Seeing the woman's puzzled expression, the mid-rank True God laughed in a sinister way. "If you want to know the reason, just follow us!"

If it was another woman in this situation, she would definitely be very vigilant. No woman would go away with strangers in an unknown land.

However, this woman was different. After she thought for a moment, she blinked her pure and elegant eyes, nodded without hesitation and said, "Okay, let's go!"

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