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   Chapter 2612 The Guidance Of The Broken Sword

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To be honest, Nicholas really treasured Lowell's extraordinary talent.

So when he had heard that Lowell joined the Dongfang Clan for Iris, he rewarded them the Cyan Yellow Double Swords, with the obvious intention of drawing Lowell over to his side.

After he had rewarded them the two swords, he also continued to reward other outstanding disciples.

Meanwhile, Rocher tucked the sword into his space ring and stood quietly in a corner. Then, his eyes scanned Nicholas.

This was Rocher's first time to see his target.

If he were to be asked about first impressions, then he honestly found it hard to dislike this middle-aged man with a fair-skinned face.

Yet, he was fated to be this man's enemy. It could never be changed no matter what happened.

It was because of that very reason Mike had created him…

And so, his first step in going undercover in the Dongfang Clan was to take advantage of Iris.

In any case, he could gather more resources in this place and more importantly, he could gain the trust of the Dongfang Clan, or even Nicholas.

Once Nicholas had given the rewards, he left with the Demi-holy Being.

Chatter between the young talents quickly filled the Cyan Shadow Hall after the elders left.

These young True Gods usually fought in the Arena of Legends, went into closed door cultivation, or traveled through the forbidden lands all day long. They rarely had the chance to get together.

It was true that they were all outstanding, but they were also very arrogant. They all tended to compare with each other when they were together.

Currently, all of them cast hostile looks on Rocher and Iris.

After all, they were in the Dongfang Clan. How could they possibly allow an outsider to get the best reward?

At that moment, something clicked in Rocher's mind. "Let's go," he said to Iris with a smile.

Iris simply nodded and got ready to leave with him.

It was also her first time to enter the Floating Island of the Dongfang Clan. Truth be told, she felt out of place. If it wasn't for Lowell, then she might have never gone to the place in her whole life, even if she was eligible to enter the Floating Island.

Just then, they heard a highly sarcastic voice that said, "I didn't expect that a sub-branch of our clan cou


This low-rank True God was Lone, the Otherworldly Swordsman. He had sneaked into the divine land not long ago after he became a True God.

The first thing he did after he entered the divine land was take the secret treasure in the Thunderstorm Mountain, which was a treasure the former owner of the broken sword had left behind.

Although what the broken sword said was true, Lone still felt somewhat indignant.

Anyway, he can't deny the fact that he had only stood out among the geniuses in the Evolutionary Universe with the help of the broken sword.

Even after he had entered the divine land, he had to rely on this sword to guide him.

It was safe to say that the broken sword had given him everything he had.

"I'm not a coward!" he retorted. He boosted his speed, turned into a beam of light, and ran down the undulating mountain road.

Crack! Crack!

Once he had set foot on the Thunderstorm Mountain, the golden lightning in the sky kept striking at him as if it had finally found a target.

Luckily, he cleverly used his special bodily movement skill which enabled him to move quickly like a loach in the water and avoid all the thunder strikes.

Some True Gods in the Thunderstorm Mountain noticed Lone, and they all looked at him curiously.

"Look, a low-rank True God came on his own!"

"He really wants death!"

"This boy is quite flexible. He has barely avoided the thunder at the outer area of the mountain, but if he enters the inner area, he would die thousands of times..."

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