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   Chapter 2610 Lorena's Head

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After bringing Zelda and Luther to the Snake Goddess race, Zen had completed his mission. He felt relieved that he was able to get it done without any issues.

Whether or not he could leave this world and return to the divine land would be decided after the Light of Adjudication came. For now, the Snake Goddess race would be responsible for increasing Luther's cultivation base.

Since his work was done, Zen had to return to the Sky Spirit Bone Tower to cultivate in seclusion. He needed to improve on a lot of things and prepare while he had time.

He could imagine that it wouldn't be easy for him to leave this world. He had to go through a fierce battle with the Warden race and survive.

Moreover, after returning to the divine land, he would be required to face those Holy Beings too. Therefore, he had to improve his cultivation urgently. Zen took a deep breath as he thought how busy he would be from now on.

Since the Nine Li race and the Snake Goddess race had joined hands, the Nine Li race started to have a more active atmosphere.

Although the Wild Gods who were born and raised in this world were not urgent to leave, they were yearning for the further and larger Source World. With the help and leadership of the exiles, almost all the members of the Nine Li race sped up their cultivation.

The colorful waves in the Time Sea rolled and foamed, with countless fragments rolling within.

White clouds flew above the water, and from a very special angle, the light bounced off the Time Sea, reflecting colors against these clouds.

The waves sparkled a prism of colors as light struck its surface. Deep in the Floating Island of the Dongfang Clan, a towering structure could be noticed.

The pale golden palace stood in the middle of the island.

By the looks of it, one could tell that the structure had only been recently built. Although it only covered a small area, it appeared particularly exquisite.

Seeing its magnificent craftsmanship, any master in weapon refining would probably be amazed.

A special kind of gold, usually used to make the top-grade weapons, was used to build this palace. A layer of emerald green rhomboid jades decorated its surface. It was believed that this kind of jade was able to attract the vitality between heaven and earth by nature. For the same reason, some True Gods liked to make beads with these jades and placed them in their houses, hoping they could continuously attract the vitality hund

, the only way to do it was to find it in the Time Sea. He would need to jump into the past and hope he was lucky. Unfortunately, even with his status, it was impossible to clear up the mess of these fragments.

Lorena stared at Nicholas. Her expression appeared to be a little complicated.

It was common for the young to say such ambitious words. However, hearing it from a person who had lived for countless divine eras as the number one Holy Being in the divine land, it sounded really strange.

At last, Lorena sneered and closed her eyes. She had not decided yet whether or not she would believe in Nicholas' ability to recover her body.

Seeing Lorena's attitude, Nicholas didn't get annoyed at all. He watched as she let her head slowly bury into the brown liquid again.


Soon, the brown liquid began to boil again, drowning the head back until it was gone.

As soon as she disappeared, Nicholas gave a bitter smile and decided to leave the palace.

He had been busy recently. Despite his hectic schedule, he wanted to find a perfect body for Lorena, and at the same time to handle all kinds of things as the ruler of this land.

Soon after, he reached the Cyan Shadow Hall on the Floating Island of his clan.

As the clan leader, he came to observe the new excellent disciples of his clan. These were the disciples who made names for themselves recently. Some of them were chosen from the Ray Tree, while some were extremely excellent in the arena.

Stepping into the Cyan Shadow Hall, his previous helpless and sad expression disappeared quietly, replaced by an aura of arrogance bursting out from his body.

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