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   Chapter 2608 Spark Yan

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Just before the end of this thousand years came, all the forces in this world could hardly sit still.

The Northern Leaning Bone Tower was built on the ninth rib of the Chaos Ancient God.

Unlike other bone towers which rose vertically to the sky, the Northern Leaning Bone Tower was tilted towards the north by 60 degrees.

It was comparatively intact and there wasn't much space for people to hide in it.

However, in such a small and narrow bone tower, four races with bloodlines gathered together. One could imagine that the available space for these races to develop was very narrow.

The exiles of these races weren't powerful enough to compete against the top races so they had trouble obtaining new bone towers.

More than ten thousand years ago, the four races in the Northern Leaning Bone Tower attempted to enter the Sky South Bone Tower. They hoped that by means of a fair deal, the Yellow Emperor race and the Nine Li race would be kind enough to give them a portion of the space in the Sky South Bone Tower.

However, all of their propositions were immediately rejected by the Nine Li race and the Yellow Emperor race.

As the number of disciples they had in their races increased, the interior of the Northern Leaning Bone Tower became more and more crowded.

Most of the time, the disciples from the four races had to live outside the bone tower. Only when the Light of Adjudication arrived would they enter the bone tower to hide temporarily. This only occurred once every thousand years.

In the past few years, the disciples of the four races always returned one after the other and it made the Northern Leaning Bone Tower even more crowded.

In the depths of the Northern Leaning Bone Tower, on a scarlet golden pillar, the patterns of a wolf, a lion, a crane, and an ape were carved.

They were sigils of the four great races, namely the Spirit Wolf God race, the Heavenly Lion race, the Hiding Crane race, and the Silent Ape race.

Beneath the golden pillar was an exile dressed in gray that walked around the area. He asked in a very flat tone, "Everyone, do you know what happened in the past days?"

Beside him stood eight exiles who were the mainstay of the f

mountain had been formed due to the terrain. They had decided to name it the Pyramid Bone Tower because of this.

At the top of the mountain sat a young man.

Based on his appearance, he looked younger than thirty but there was a sense of vicissitudes in his slightly opened eyes.

He was known to be the most powerful exile of the Yellow Emperor race, Spark Yan.

A black figure floated right in front of him and asked him in a low voice, "Do you want the chance to get out of this place?"

Spark seemed calm but his heart was racing uncontrollably.

He already made himself clear about what happened with the Nine Li race and the Snake Goddess race. His race had always been on bad terms with the Nine Li race in this world and in the Source World. Now that the Nine Li race had found a chance to escape from the prison, of course they wouldn't bother to include his race in their plans.

However, he wasn't about to give up. With his character, no matter how strong the Snake Goddess race was, he and his people wouldn't just stand by and watch. Either all the races would be able to escape or they would all be trapped here eternally.

Little did he expect that someone from the Warden race would show up and communicate with him for the first time in years.

"A chance to leave this place..." Spark silently stared at the black figure floating in front of him as if he was trying to see through it. He then said, "Of course I do. But what is the price?"

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