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   Chapter 2607 The Black Shadows On The High Platform

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The warriors with a Wild Body could not reach Other Shore Realm. The creatures in the Source World had been depressed for a long time, as

this meant that they had no way of reaching higher levels.

But at some point in that era, the Snake Goddess appeared. She then comprehended the Grand World Cultivation Method.

With the help of the chaotic energy, she created her inner world and gave birth to countless creatures in her inner world. She had thus created a big world and condensed a Godly Tile. With this method, she actually managed to reach the Other Shore Realm without relying on the Wild Body, which made the entire Source World surprised and overjoyed.

Since then, it was as if the people of the Source World had discovered a new continent. They continued to explore the Grand World Cultivation Method, contributing their own insights on the method and develop it.

Because the Snake Goddess had created an inner world and the numerous people inhabiting it, the legend that she was the one who created humans passed down from generation to generation.

Thus, the Snake Goddess was both the creator, and the greatest master of the Grand World Cultivation Method.

If Luther wanted to increase the level of his cultivation quickly, Emily would be the most suitable person to guide him.

A delighted smile appeared on Luther's face after he had heard Emily's words.

Zelda and Luther had been carrying hatred in their hearts for many years now. Their entire family, including their parents and their closest relatives, were all slaughtered by the conservatives of the Warden race.

They had fled all the way to this desolate place and hid here. The sorrow in their hearts was indescribable.

Now Luther felt like he would finally get a chance for revenge.

"Thank you, master," he said, preparing to kneel down before Emily.

Emily raised her eyebrows. Luther immediately froze in his move. "I don't recruit disciples," she said flatly. "You can follow me and practice. I don't have too much time. You need to learn quickly!"

In the eyes of the exiles, Luther had become their hope to leave this world.

No matter what Luther needed, they would give him at any cost. But since he hoped to improve his cultivation, he had to rely on himself. There was little the others could do to help him.

"I see," Luther said, eager to please Emily. She was his last chance.

hat they still won't be a match for the allied forces of those great races," the other man said, his voice doubtful.

In terms of strength, the Yellow Emperor race was only on par with the Nine Li race, but compared to the Snake Goddess race, they still had a lot of improvement to do.

Moreover, now that the Snake Goddess race had allied with more than eighty percent of the big races, the strength of the Yellow Emperor race paled in comparison. Even if they were strong, they would be overwhelmed by sheer numbers.

"Yes, the Yellow Emperor race is indeed too weak on its own. But think about you really think the exiles that have joined the Snake Goddess race are really as united as they seem?" the purple-haired man asked, his voice arrogant.

"What do you mean?"

"If I give some of them the chance to leave this world, don't you think they would be tempted?" the man with purple hair replied casually.

The Warden race were in charge of many aspects of this prison. The purple-haired man, for instance, held the power to determine who could gain freedom.

Luther would have also become one of them if it hadn't been for the feud between the conservative faction and the free faction. The quarrel had stripped him not only of his family, but also of his power.

"For the exiles, freedom is the greatest treasure, their ultimate goal. I believe that they will not turn away such an opportunity," the purple haired man said slyly. "This prison has been too peaceful, dull almost, for a long time. It's time to find something for these restless good-for-nothings to do..."

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