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   Chapter 2605 The Reunion

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For all the exiles, the worst fate was to be trapped here forever.

Time was cheap and they didn't mind using it just for a chance.

Even if it was just a made-up story, they would still try to verify it because that was much better than doing nothing in the bone tower!

Moreover, it was impossible that Timotheus especially brought Zen to deceive her.

It made Zen secretly heave a sigh of relief when he heard the woman's decision.

It was easier to persuade these exiles than he thought.

But Zen could understand. If he was trapped here for years, he wouldn't miss any opportunity to possibly get out.

"That's great." Zen smiled.

The woman calmly stared at Zen and said, "In fact, many years ago, I already knew that the prison built by the Chaos Ancient God is absolutely perfect and there exists no loopholes. Any efforts to escape are useless and the only way to possibly leave this world is in the hands of the Warden race. However, they won't say anything."

She shrugged her slender shoulders and helplessly smiled.

The Warden race were like ghosts who would quietly pass by. No one could get anything useful when they tried to communicate with them.

The woman had once set up an array to bewitch them, tried to tempt them with special offers, or even seduced them, but it was all in vain. After all kinds of attempts, the Snake Goddess race could only give up.

But Zen said that there was a conflict within the Warden race and that he even found two Warden members!

This made her realize that this opportunity was unique, therefore, important.

No wonder Timotheus made Zen so important and personally took him to her place.

After she paused to think, the woman asked, "Are the two from the Warden race you mentioned safe?"

"Yes, they should be safe."

"They can't enter a bone tower. Once the Light of Adjudication arrives, they'll definitely die. We must move faster." The woman's frown deepened.

If it weren't for the Light of Adjudication which happened

es, let alone powerful sects. However, even a small force in the city could bring them disaster. The lives of these desolate people were as light as feathers.


Even Zelda couldn't stop from gaping when she saw the group of people in the sky.

They emitted a strong pressure even when they were just standing still but she couldn't tell their cultivation level. It could only mean that their cultivation level was beyond her comprehension.

Luther came close to whisper, "Zelda... who are they?"

"Why did you come out?" Zelda scolded her brother but kept her eyes firmly at the sky.

Luther smile bitterly. "Will I be safe if I hide in the hut?"

He was less worried than his sister because if it was meant to happen, then it would.

Another space fluctuation came as they were staring at the sky and Zen quietly emerged from it.

The fists at her sides tightly clenched and her jaw dropped when Zelda recognized that it was Zen.

Only one thought came in her mind, Zen succeeded even faster than she expected!

In the air...

The woman of the Snake Goddess race flatly asked, "Who are the two you talked about?"

Zen's gaze swept over the place, and he found Luther and Zelda who stood at the entrance to the tribe.

His body flashed and he arrived in front of Zelda in an instant. "We're ready!"

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