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   Chapter 2603 Arrival

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The oldest man took Zen and quietly disappeared in the Sky Spirit Bone Tower.

The Warden race had always been very mysterious. They had quietly visited this world. Only a few were aware of their existence, and even the exiles knew little about them.

It was the reason that, as much as possible, they must be cautious and careful in leaving the place.

The Torrent Bone Tower stood as the fourth rib of the Chaos Ancient God.

On the rib was a crack which was as long as tens of billions of miles. The crack had created a wide space inside the Torrent Bone Tower, and it was then known to be the most suitable bone tower.

Torrent Bone Tower had been occupied by the strongest race in this world. The Snake Goddess race, widely known and considered as the strongest race, naturally took control of the bone tower.

At the foot of the Torrent Bone Tower, there was the vast Immemorial Wildernesses.

For commoners to enter this part of the Immemorial Wildernesses, it was necessary to acquire the Admission Tokens from the disciples of the nine great sects of the Snake Goddess race. It would deem impossible for them to enter this place without the Admission Tokens.

No one had the guts and was brave enough to fight against the number one race in this world, which was the Snake Goddess race. Even joining the sects subordinate to the race was extremely difficult, let alone the main Snake Goddess race itself.

As a result, the Snake Goddess race had attracted countless outstanding talents in this world.


Inside the void, the ripples spread out in circles.

Zen was already taken out of the space channel. In a short period of time, together with the oldest man, they had already traveled over 30 billion miles.

He took a look at the Torrent Bone Tower in the distance. A strange expression appeared on his face as he muttered, "It seems that there is still a long distance from the Torrent Bone Tower."

The Torrent Bone Tower looked close at hand. But the truth was, flying there would take so much time. It would take a longer time than expected.

The oldest man's face revealed a bitter smile as he said, "The Snake Goddess race has made a lot of rules. They don't allow outsiders to enter their bone tower at will."

The Snake Goddess race made a rule forbidding the other e

s that you have found a young guy with a good talent. So you want to marry him into our Snake Goddess race, right?"

A tinge of sadness could be felt coming from the sweet and soft voice.

The woman probably noticed Zen behind Timotheus, so she played a joke.

The exiles who were qualified to be imprisoned in this place weren't just nobody in the Source World, so they felt quite helpless to fall into such a position.

"Maybe such boring days will be gone forever." Timotheus smiled.

The woman in the rainbow was very smart. She knew what Timotheus meant. However, she did not have much interest in it. She just lazily said, "We have tried so many methods before. But have we ever succeeded?"

Timotheus kept his calm and spoke in a light tone, "If there is a slight possibility, are you willing to give up?"

The woman in the rainbow was silent for a moment before saying, "No!"

"That's right!" Timotheus laughed. "Let us go in!"

Soon after, the colorful vortex continued to spin. Timotheus and Zen entered it.

As for the Wild Gods who had stopped Timotheus and Zen just now, they were in a daze witnessing the scene.

"Hey!" One of the Wild Gods broke from his trance, patted the shoulder of their leader and cried out, "They have left!"

The leader of the Wild Gods then came back to his senses. He didn't know who that woman or Timotheus was, but no matter what the reason Timotheus came to the Snake Goddess race was, he couldn't have a hand in it.

He just shrugged his shoulders and led his men to leave in a hurry.

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