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   Chapter 2602 A Visit To Snake Goddess Race

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Thirteen thousand years ago, a ferocious battle between the Nine Li race and Yellow Emperor race took place. As a result of that debacle, the Sky South Bone Tower was shut down.

The two great races came to an agreement. Since the Sky South Bone Tower had been closed, they started to develop the Immemorial Wilderness right underneath it.

However, the tower was finally in the hands of the Nine Li race.

The members of the race failed to hide their excitement, especially Giacomo and Erik.

The honor of helping the Nine Li race possess another bone tower was comparable to that of the emperors of the mortals expanding territories.

Adele, however, seemed a little caught up in her own thoughts as she allowed her beautiful orbs to constantly glance at Zen.

The changes his arrival could cause the Nine Li race were unknown to her, but she was certain that her father's words had something to do with Zen.

Could he really lead the Nine Li race to leave this world?

Not long after, the bone boat slowly approached the center of the Sky South Bone Tower. There was a crack of a thousand feet long in the middle which served as an entrance for the boat.

The races were always competing for those cracks. Through them, an entire race could hide and avoid the Light of Adjudication every thousand years.

A huge red seal which was also hundreds of thousands of feet wide swirled around the crack.

The scarlet aura circled the seal, which meant that there was possible trouble to come for anyone who came near.

That seal was created by the exiles of both the Nine Li race and Yellow Emperor race. Once it was removed, the two races would be alerted.

"Grand Elder, it's time to remove the seal." Giacomo, who was standing next to the absent-minded Adele, felt her vibe and quietly nudged her.

That gesture snapped her back to reality. Embarrassed that he noticed, she could only smile at Giacomo while nodding her head softly.

Naturally, she was the one who could remove the seal of the Sky South Bone Tower. After all, she was the Grand Elder of the race.

In the presence of everyone, Adele began to grow and her body started to swell up.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Ten thousand feet...

A hundred thousand feet...

A million feet...

And four million feet!

The huge body she now possessed was a brutal view for Ze

s golden light shield, then the theurgy that David used was something he possessed after his blood power had reached a certain level. That black light also posed a great threat to Zen.

The purity of Zen's bloodline was definitely not lesser than that of David's. However, Zen only got three heads and six arms after breaking through the Body Tribulations. He never got any bloodline theurgy, nor did he hear anyone speak of it.

The old man smiled and said, "Our bloodline is not inferior to theirs, I can assure you that. But you are a direct descendant of the Grand Chieftain. It's difficult for me to predict when you could activate the bloodline theurgy. However, I believe that sooner or later, you will."

In the past years, there had never been a warrior with the imperial-grade bloodline in the Nine Li race. Even the exiles didn't know much about the bloodline theurgy of their race. The old man didn't have the answer. Zen needed to figure that out by himself.

"Let's go. It's time," the old man said.

"Go where?" Zen asked, his eyebrows furrowed.

"To pay a visit to the Snake Goddess race."

Escaping the prison could be a challenge for the Nine Li race alone. But if they were to ally with the Snake Goddess race and summon the other races to help them, the chances of leaving could increase a great deal.

Furthermore, the Snake Goddess race had tied the divine land to the Torrent Bone Tower. They needed to solve that problem.

They needed to make accurate preparations before they could take action, and Zen was a vital part of it all.

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