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   Chapter 2597 Going For The Kill

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The fight between the two races, namely the Nine Li race and the Yellow Emperor was predicted to be at its end. Both sides knew that it was already the final showdown for the battle for the Sky South Bone Tower.

Back on the ongoing battle, it appeared that David had an absolute advantage.

Zen had no way to confront David who had activated the Dubhe Secret.

Every Nine Li warriors present who had been watching the fight had the same thought.

They saw how Zen had given all his best to suppress the opposing side. If he was really no match for David, they thought that he'd better admit defeat as soon as possible.

For Elsa, Romeo and some others, they had a deeper impression that Zen was considered to be more important than the Sky South Bone Tower.

Everyone was lost in their own thoughts and feelings about the fight going on, but at this moment, an extremely complex aura suddenly emitted from Zen's huge body.

Zen, all along, had always kept his hidden trump card. The complex aura that was just emitted from his body was the Ways-blending Strike.

When he first came to this world, he couldn't tell the strength of those Wild Gods. His action all this time, fighting with them several times, was to test the waters.

Even after entering the Nine Li race and cultivating in the Wild God system, he had never used the Ways-blending Strike.


The fused internal momentum began to rise in Zen's inner world. After escaping from his inner world, it circulated in his giant body.

The energy was afterwards attached to Zen's long sword. Like a brown flame, it slowly rolled, and swirled around the long sword.

"What kind of energy is this?"

"What an intimidating aura!" "Just a glance of it will make me feel depressed!"

"Is this Zen's trump card?"

Astonishment filled the people of the Nine Li race as they saw what happened. Perhaps, a flicker of hope lingered for victory.

It was an unexpected move for Zen to have such a trump card hidden up his sleeves.

David also noticed the brown energy lingering on Zen's long sword.

The momentum contained in the energy was so complex and powerful that he had never seen this before.

Facing a sudden and strange situation, there was no way for him to retreat. He was a proud man who never gave in.

The more powerful Zen seemed, the more intense the fighting intent in David's heart became.

"Swish, swish!"

David madly activated the blood power in his body. The black light grew more brilliant, and the aura he emitted was now even on par with Zen's!

Two powerful auras surged up into

e knew that David would surely be defeated.

The Yellow Emperor race was determined to take over the Sky South Bone Tower.

"It's a foul play, but I have no choice. Don't blame me, boy," Tyler muttered. As this thought flashed through his mind, a strong will instantly appeared in the Soul Ring in David's mind.

David's movement halted for a quick second as his eyes lost their luster. His figure became unusually quick.

Facing the sword light, he retreated while at the same time waved the two sharp knives in his hands in an unusual quick motion!


Every time the sharp blades clashed with Zen's sword radiance, they had weakened the sword radiance a bit.

David continued to slash about seventy times, and every strike landed on the anterior of the sword radiance. This technique of controlling with utmost precision had amazed everyone.

He retreated several hundred steps after the attack. The sword radiance seemed to be disintegrated by him!


David, now whose eyes were lifeless, raised the two sharp knives in his hands and stepped forward. He traveled through space and rushed straight towards Zen.

Out of a sudden, it looked like he had become a completely different person.

Zen was shocked about the change in David's action. He abruptly rolled to the side out of reflex.

However, his speed was still a little slow.

The strike that came out from the void had already slid past Zen's shoulder, leaving a two thousand feet long trace of blood behind his back!

David who had succeeded in leaving a hit on Zen's body was not satisfied. Zen was still on the process of stabilizing himself, but another sharp knife had come at Zen's back. He was going for the kill!

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