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   Chapter 2593 Bounce Back

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Once David saw Zen retreat quickly, he could no longer hide the big smile on his face.

The more powerful his opponent was, the more excited he got.

The moment he knew that Zen was able to comprehend the Truth of Godly Way, he knew he would have fun defeating him.

For him, he only truly felt a sense of achievement when overcoming real challenges. In his eyes, Lisa, Jerome, Elsa, and Romeo were not worthy of his time and effort.


After the two sharp knives in his hands collided with each other, the two light balls merged into one.

The two sharp knives looked very similar to the black sword that Lisa used, but they were totally different.

Since David's master was an expert at refining weapons, he forged these wild weapons just for him. Moreover, the two wild weapons were modelled after the famous Dual Stream Saber of the Source World.

Both of the wild weapons were able to open up the void.

He could activate it whenever he made use of the Truth of Void Destruction.

When David and Zen launched their ferocious attacks against each other, their formidable powers didn't dissipate at all. They were instead kept inside the void by the two sharp knives.

But not long after, the powers were then released by David!

The surging power mixed with the Truth of Void Destruction formed a ball of energy that contained an extremely unstable wave of energy. Its strength was very devastating.

Even David had to be careful as he tried to control it!


The blazing energy ball flew straight towards Zen.

"Will you still be able to resist it this time?"

In David's opinion, even if Zen displayed the Truth of Cultivation Nature, he merely mixed it with his body movements and was still unable to bring out its full potential.

But what David didn't know was that when it came to the Wild God, Zen was not as powerful as he was. After all, Zen was only able to practice the Wild God system for a short period of time. Although the Nine Li race trained him thoroughly, his foundations were still somewhat unstable.

But in terms of cultivating the True God system, David's understanding was clearly inferior to Zen's.

In fact, Zen had several methods he could use to break David's move.

For example, he could directly use the strength source to detonate the extremely unstable energy ball before it reached him.

However, when the energy ball was coming for Zen, an in

else had lost.

It was because they had faith that David could defeat anyone who dared to face him.

He had already surpassed the level of the Wild God. He was getting closer to the exiles and had almost reached the Other Shore Realm.

But as he battled Zen from an unknown background, David was at a disadvantage.

"What is that strange method..." David asked Zen as his teeth was gritting in anxiety.

Zen then withdrew his hand slightly as the internal momentum from the Parting Water Godly Way dissipated. The bright mirror had been broken and disappeared completely.

"It was just some silly trick," Zen answered lightly.

David's eyes were beaming with hate. "Of course it was some silly trick! If you think you can beat me with it, you are more ignorant than I thought! You must be dreaming!"

With that, he stretched out his arms and his huge body once again flew through the void as he headed straight towards Zen!

In addition to the Truth of Godly Way, David had another trump card up his sleeve.

In their world, the soul of the Wild Gods was regarded to be quite weak.

But there were always some Wild Gods who had more powerful souls and David was definitely one of them.

Several exiles had put great effort into helping him improve further. As a result, his soul was far stronger than an ordinary Wild God.

At that moment, David rushed towards Zen without any hesitation and with a light golden ring on the head of the soul in the depths of his mind. And at that same moment, the surface of the ring flashed as a strong soul force leaked out of his mind and headed straight for Zen!

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