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   Chapter 2592 The Truth of Void Destruction

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David had felt the Truth of Cultivation Nature from Zen but it was not because he had an understanding about it.

In the Yellow Emperor race, there were two exiles who had cultivated the Truth of Cultivation Nature. David naturally had a deep impression on it.

Just now, he had observed Zen and had felt the same aura coming from him.

David was not yet too sure, so he couldn't help but inquire about it cautiously.

"Is it strange?" Zen just smiled vaguely.

The smile he gave signified an affirmative answer.

David's eyes sparkled and his gaze on Zen changed again.

His first impression of Zen was that he was just a Wild God with extraordinary talent.

He prided himself as powerful enough and thought that there was still an insurmountable gap between his strength and Zen's.

What he witnessed had totally changed his own insight. He had already regarded Zen as a man in his league.

"It really surprises me. No wonder you could defeat Lisa and Jerome so easily," David complimented as he smacked his lips.

He had never thought that there would be another guy in this world who was as capable as him to cultivate the Truth of Godly Way.

"But you can't still beat me," David confidently stated.


The Yellow Emperor Wild Body of David released a dazzling golden light.

Once the Wild God Power was released from his body, there was another unique aura that followed.

"This aura is another kind of Truth of Godly Way." Zen felt the unique aura, and his eyes narrowed.

He had known five Truths of Godly Ways: the Truth of Goodwill and Malice, the Truth of Dark and Light Chaos, the Truth of Cultivation Nature, the Truth of Eternal Sword Intent, and the Truth of Holy Words.

He had learned the Truth of Goodwill and Malice from Harper. He hadn't mastered it completely yet, but he was almost there. Besides, he had already mastered ninety-nine percent of the Truth of Cultivation Nature.

It was once said that twelve Truths of Godly Ways had appeared in the divine land. A book titled 'Twelve Abridged Truths of Godly Ways' had circulated among the people in the divine land. The book had provided them some insights and knowledge about the certain information.

As for how many kinds of Truths of Godly Ways there were in the Source World an

nyone, the outcome and even life and death would be determined.

"Zen is not using his soul force," Romeo muttered as he quietly watched the scene.

"It seems that he doesn't go all out. He wants to take advantage of this opportunity to train himself," Elsa also stated with a complicated look.

They were also the talents in the Nine Li race, respected by countless people, and doted upon by their race.

But compared with Zen and David, they were hardly worth mentioning.

"There's something wrong with David's weapon." Adele's eyes were fixated on David's knife. A trace of worry gradually appeared on her face.

Adele's observation regarding David's knife had been, in fact, noticed by Zen.

Every time his long sword collided with David's sharp knife, he had noticed a faint white light spot, which quickly gathered in the middle of his knife and formed a bright white light ball.

Under the fierce collision of the two weapons, the white light ball was getting more and more eye-catching on the black knife.

The smile on David's face became more and more proud. He was rejoicing in his mind that Zen was slowly falling into the trap he had set up.

"Turn to the void!"

David laughed ferociously as the light ball released a blinding light. He then lifted up both of the two sharp knives in his hands.

At this moment, there seemed to be two suns rising brightly on the sky.

Zen quickly retreated seeing this change. Upon his retreat, a ray of light appeared on the Godly Tile in his inner world.

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