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   Chapter 2590 David's Battle

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A complicated expression was plastered all over Lancelot's face as he looked at Zen. The leader of the Yellow Emperor race himself was stunned.

Now that Jerome was defeated, David was all they had.

Lancelot had faith in David, but what if he lost as well?

It was a known fact that the Nine Li race was determined to have the Sky South Bone Tower back, but Lancelot couldn't let that happen.

Jerome walked back slowly, his shoulder hunched in defeat.

David opened his mouth just to spite Jerome.

"I've told you, Jerome, you against him is a total waste of time!"

Before, David was pretty anxious to fight, but now, he wasn't in a hurry at all and even managed to put up a calm face.

Jerome walked towards David just to glare at him.

The intensity of Jerome's stare worried his sister Lisa. She thought that if it went on longer, it could turn messy. She hurriedly came up to him and said, "Brother, please ignore him!"

"You're probably not his match either," Jerome calmly told David.

In response, David curled his lips and raised his eyebrows slightly. "Don't assume anything yet. I'm not as useless as you are," he said lazily.

"Zen hasn't even used his entire strength yet," Jerome warned him. "Are you forgetting that he's a member of the Nine Li race? He has yet to use his Nine Li Wild Body."

That was true. Zen didn't activate his Nine Li Wild Body during his last two battles.

That meant that he had not put his real strength in display yet.

Even during his match with Jerome, he only used the strength source from the Nine Divine Stars.

After all, one of Zen's real reasons for these fights was to hone his Wild God body.

Jerome's words made David rather unhappy.

By nature, he was fickle, and although Jerome's warning was in good intentions, it sounded harsh to David's conceited ears.

"Oooooh, that guy is so powerful! I'm so scared! I don't want to face him anymore! I'm just going to admit defeat! Ha!" David was quick to change his tone.

"You!" Jerome's face darkened.

There was a helpless expression on the faces of the elders from the Yellow Emperor race upon hearing such snide remarks from one of their warriors.

David was one t

g his shoulder.

The final battle… Zen versus David.

At first, the Yellow Emperor race boasted such a victorious force. They were so sure about winning.

None of them thought Zen could win those two battles, let alone get a chance to face a warrior like David.

Before his power became known to them, Zen was just a nobody. David was the more popular warrior.

But before David's fame, it was Jerome and his sister Lisa who were regarded as the Yellow Emperor race's top two warriors. In the Immemorial Wilderness, people trembled in fear upon hearing their names.

After he rose to fame, David became the more eye-catching warrior. The attention he received was monumental.

"Finally! David has decided to fight!"

"He is going to end that boy from the Nine Li race for sure! Right?"

While the others bickered, David had already turned into a giant that was over ten thousand feet tall.

With heavy eyes and a nonchalant expression, he carefully scanned Zen that was right in front of him.

"Thank you so much," said David, grinning from ear to ear.

Zen's eyebrows instantly wrinkled at David's words. He had seen David once and had always thought he had a rather odd character. At that point, he had absolutely no idea why he thanked him. "For what?" Zen asked.

"If you didn't defeat Lisa and Jerome, the opportunity to fight might have not arrived for me and I would've come here for nothing," David said as he casually shrugged his shoulders.

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