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   Chapter 2587 Ward Off

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Using dozens of forceful strikes in a row, Lisa pummeled Zen. The way he dodged every single one of them made her anxious.

She then took a few steps back and stomped on the hard ground in tiptoe, creating a pit that went three to four hundred feet deep. Clasped tightly in her hand was the thin black sword.

Upon seeing her make such a move, Lisa's brother couldn't help but frown slightly. "I can sense Lisa's uneasiness, but this time, let's see how this fellow would survive that one."

"Amorous Sword Net!" Lisa exclaimed.

"Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!"

The thin black sword looked and moved like a whip as it flew out of Lisa's hand.

In just a split second, streaks of what seemed like a bundle of black swords intertwined and formed a tangled net that swiftly enveloped Zen's head.

Since the net was fine-meshed, it was impossible for Zen to break free no matter what he did.

"How can Zen escape from this?" Elsa's eyes widened as she watched the scene with great concern.

The striking eyebrows that rested on Romeo's forehead trembled lightly at the view.

Previously, he was downright defeated by that exact move by Lisa. He was trapped in a cage formed by the black sword net and failed to break out no matter how much he struggled.

Seeing the massive black sword net charging towards him caused Zen's eyes to flicker while the corner of his mouth raised slightly.

The Wild Gods used martial skills to fight as well.

The weapons they used would become wild weapons that were way larger, and the Wild Gods themselves would also grow.

In terms of skills alone, Zen wasn't threatened by anyone at all.


Zen raised his long sword and used it to hurl the sword net in another direction.


A loud sound cut through the thick air.

Zen had successfully blocked one of the strips of the black sword radiance.

A huge hole appeared on the thin net.

Aware that it was just a casual sword strike from Zen, Lisa was stunned.

The swordsmanship she used had quite an unyielding demand with space. Once she performed it, it went on for a while, resembling a cage that could crush her opponents. The more they struggled, the deeper they fell.

However, that on

en sword at the black sword radiance.

This gesture from Zen caused Adele, Giacomo, and the other elders to feel uneasy.

The others were just as stunned. Was Zen seeking death?

Astonishment engulfed Lisa's eyes. She knew that Zen could resist the strike she just made, but what he was doing at that time was no more than a suicide act.

As soon as Zen's long sword touched the black sword radiance, he began twisting his arm.

The blade of his long sword slightly twisted as well, and the black radiance circled his sword as if it was being sucked into a whirlpool.

At the same time, he pulled his long sword instantly, and Lisa felt a massive force coming out of her hand.

Before she could even throw her sword away, she bumped into Zen.

Since Zen had placed his sword horizontally by his chest, Lisa would be cut in half should she bump into it.


Jerome yelled from a distance, desperation evident in his eyes.

As Lisa got closer to Zen's sword, her face turned pale. She knew what was coming. She knew she was going to die.

Just as she was about to hit the tip of the sword, Zen's other hand gently emerged. With a loud bang, Zen blocked Lisa's shoulder to avoid her from coming in contact with the blade.

Simultaneously, he lifted his emerald green sword and pointed it just a few inches away from the damp skin of her neck.

Lisa's mind went blank. She was dazed. Zen's low voice snapped her back to reality as he said, "You lost."

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