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   Chapter 2585 Forget Someone

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There was a satisfied smirk on Lisa's face as she leisurely waved the black sword in her hand.

Generally speaking, the Wild Gods used crude and violent killing methods because they judged the distance and space in a complicated way.

In addition, it was much more difficult for a giant to slip the thread through the eye of the needle than an ordinary man.

Lisa, however, could control those things with absolute accuracy--and it was terrifying.

Her moves were always careful, precise, and perfect.

She could have killed Romeo several times, but her thin, black sword only scratched him slightly and left a minor wound.

Soon enough, the wounds on Romeo's body increased until blood had soaked most of his white clothes.

"You've already been defeated. Don't struggle anymore," said Lisa with pursed lips.

Yet, Romeo didn't listen to her and launched an even fiercer attack.

In turn, Lisa gently drew her black sword. The tips of her toes barely touched the ground as she drew a huge pit that was over a hundred feet large. Then, she jumped up while Romeo slashed out with his sword. The black sword flew down like a giant flying snake.


The sword's blade pierced through Romeo's arm.

Suddenly, the bamboo sword flew and was nailed to the ground. Without the support of the Wild God Power, the thousand-foot-long bamboo sword quickly shrunk back into three feet.

At the same time, Lisa swung her sword towards Romeo's head. If she exerted more strength, he would be beheaded!

All the spectators from the Nine Li race held their breaths.

They had already lost Monty, and they wouldn't be able to accept it if Romeo died too.

Now, Romeo refused to give up. He didn't want to admit defeat even though he knew he was no match for Lisa.

"Surrender," Lisa insisted. She tilted her head to the side and after a while of thought, she continued, "If you're really mad at Roy, I apologize to you on behalf of him. He shouldn't have killed Monty by mistake."

The muscles on Romeo's face shuddered at her words.

It took him a short while to calm down. In the end, he sighed and said, "I admit that I have lost. I am too weak to avenge him. You don't have to apologize to me."

"Okay." Lisa nodded. She carefully backed a few steps, and then slowly walked away.

On the other hand, Romeo's eyes were unreadable as he watched her recedi

ey had planned so carefully for a very long time to go all out for the sake of the Sky South Bone Tower.

To their surprise, the Nine Li race was not strong enough to fight back.

"Adele, our race has won this battle. According to the agreement, your race should withdraw from the area of the Sky South Bone Tower," Lancelot said with a blazing smile on his face.

He was so happy not only because he would control the Sky South Bone Tower.

The highlight of the battle was that the younger generation of his race had defeated that of the Nine Li race. He had never imagined that the younger generation of the Nine Li race would be that weak.

Races needed to constantly produce their best, and the young people represented the future of their race. If such a thing continued, then the Nine Li race would eventually decline.

Adele just beamed at Lancelot's words, and then she said, "Grand Elder Lancelot, you have made a mistake."

"About what?" His face dimmed. Why hadn't Adele admitted her defeat?

There would be a huge trouble if the Nine Li race went back on their word and did not surrender the control of the Sky South Bone Tower. After all, the Yellow Emperor race did not want to wage a full war just because of it.

Moreover, even if the Yellow Emperor race did win the war, it would mean that they simply took advantage of the Nine Li race's struggles--and they didn't want to see the losses from the war.

Adele's beautiful eyes blinked and she looked coldly at Lancelot. "Have you forgotten that there's one person from our race who hasn't fought in battle?"

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