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   Chapter 2583 Anger

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A fierce battle had happened between the two men on the ground. Their powers matched up with each other's strength and agility. Soon, smoke billowed and covered everything in sight, blinding the spectators of the good fight scene below.

Though everyone wasn't able to watch clearly what was happening, they continued to hear loud noises coming from the two warriors.

Not long after, the smoke finally dissipated, and the two mountain-like giants revealed themselves.

Everyone's eyes focused on these two people.

One of them was Monty, whose two arms were now cut off. He had a huge wound on his neck, which was bleeding outwards. His huge pupils were even unfocused.

The other one, Roy, looked like he had a hard beating as well. Many bruises appeared all over his body. The golden light around him was getting dim. Apparently, he had suffered some serious injuries too.

"Bah! What a hard nut to crack!" Roy grumbled, as he saw the crowd watching them.

At the same time, Monty's body began to shrink rapidly, his Wild God Power disappearing quickly.


Erik shouted from afar, his face darkened and his eyes clouded with concern. Rushing towards Monty, he tried lifting him up.

It was true that one's corporeal body had an unprecedented power after they cultivated the Wild God system, but once the Wild God was seriously injured, it would be difficult to repair the body. The world is fair, after all.

The wound in Monty's neck made him lose a lot of blood, directly taking away his life.

"How dare you kill him!" Erik exclaimed angrily, making his vigor and grand momentum emerge.

Monty was one of Erik's disciples and they shared a bond. Erik had trained Monty all these years, treating him like his own son. He never imagined that this battle would end up this bad. He didn't expect that Monty would die here today. Erik felt his heart shattering into a thousand pieces as his grief took over.

Even if Erik didn't reveal his Wild God body, his reaction still put a lot of pressure on Roy.

Wiping the blood off his face, Roy sneered, "He clearly couldn't match my strength, yet he wasn't willing to admit defeat. He was digging his own grave. If he had given up earlier, this wouldn't have happened. He forced me to kill him!"

"You..." Erik's emotions stirred up. Unable to restrain himself, he was actually about to kill Roy.

"In the battle ring, one's death is never the other's fault. One must accept that if they get killed—they only have themselves to blame for being inferior to their opponent. Are you going to bully a junior now, Erik?" a thin old man commented, his voice ringing as the cold breeze surrounded them. Erik turned to see who it was, and found an elder from the Yellow Emperor race approaching.

nds to the other man, he told his opponent indifferently, "Your elders have said that in the battle ring, if one is killed, they only have themselves to blame."

Nodding his head, Desmund blinked his eyes and asked, "Yes. So what?"

"Then you can only blame yourself..."

Romeo answered, striking Desmund as soon as he finished speaking.

He sprang to his feet like a wild ancient beast. Ready to kill.

His body stretched into tens of thousands of feet. As he jumped above the ground, he waved his bamboo sword in the air, drawing a flash of emerald green light in the air and emitting a resolute aura as he charged towards Desmund.

When Desmund saw Romeo go all out, he felt cowardly, perhaps because he wasn't prepared for a fierce fight.

Just like any other battle, a warrior would be put into a passive position when they were intimidated by their opponent.

Trying to be alert, Desmund turned over to avoid Romeo's strike.


However, as soon as Romeo touched the ground, another emerald green sword light followed him.

Upon seeing this, Desmund gritted his teeth and took the chance to stab the blade he was holding towards Romeo's chest.

He was trying to force Romeo to retreat. After all, if Romeo wanted to kill him, he would be stabbed through by the blade too.

However, Romeo turned a blind eye to the blade. He didn't care about getting stabbed. Even if he had to fight to the death, he would still chop Desmund's head!

His reaction completely surprised Desmund. 'What? He doesn't seem to care about his life at all!'

Desmund cried inside. Taking his blade back, he retreated quickly to avoid his opponent's attack. He thought to himself, 'Why did Roy have to kill his opponent? Now the Nine Li members are fuming mad. And I don't think they would stop. This guy literally wants me dead! Damn!'

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