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   Chapter 2582 Being Suppressed

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Yeoman fell heavily down onto the ground.

Roy, the member of the Yellow Emperor race, stood there like a God, his body shining with a bright golden light.

Without even using a weapon, Roy defeated Yeoman with his bare hands alone.

When Chandler and Farhann from the Nine Li race had been killed, Yeoman had been brought on as a substitute. Though he was also a mid-rank Wild God, his strength was weaker.

As they watched the action play out in front of them, Adele and the others couldn't help but frown.

Sure, they were all pretty convinced that Yeoman would lose. However they didn't expect that he'd be defeated so quickly. Both of the warriors were mid-rank Wild Gods, but the gap between Yeoman and his opponent was much too large.

Yeoman, who was sprawled flat on the ground, was feeling rather indignant and tried getting up.

Despite his attempt, Roy was quicker and his huge body jumped up. He then turned a somersault in the air and pounced directly on Yeoman.


As a loud noise rang out, Roy pressed Yeoman tightly against the ground. As he did so, he stretched out his finger and pressed it down on Yeoman's forehead. If he put forth his strength at this moment, the head of Yeoman would be crushed. If he gave any strength to his current move, he'd crush Yeoman's head in an instant.

"The competition's final results are the most important. If you want to risk your life, I can simply do you the favor," said Roy in a cold, chilling voice.

At that precise moment, Adele's voice faintly floated over. "Yeoman, just admit defeat. Don't resist uselessly. There's no point!"

Seeing as Adele and Yeoman were members of the same race and shared the same blood, Adele had no desire for Yeoman to die.

On top of that, the Nine Li race only lost one battle. There would be other chances for them to triumph in battle later.

"I lost," Yeoman admitted unhappily.

"Ha-ha!" Roy laughed coldly. He stood up in a single motion and retreated to the Yellow Emperor race immediately.

Yeoman had equally transformed, removing the Wild God Power in his body and returned to his people.

"Grand Elder, I want to fight," Elsa stated in a serious tone, staring at Roy with her brows furrowed.

As she watched Yeoman suffer a crushing defeat, Elsa became furious. All she wanted to do now was to fight in order to win honor for her race. And more importantly, for Yeoman.

Adele blinked and shook her head, offering a negative response. "It's better to fight in turn. It's too early for you right now."

In Adele's mind, Elsa was the Nine Li race's trump card.

If she were to try fighting ahead of turn, she'd indeed be capable of defeating Roy. If and when she did

had competed with the Nine Li race several times before, and their strengths were evenly matched. This time, it was a whole different story. The gap between the two was huge.

As warriors of the Nine Li race began to notice the difference in strength, their expressions changed and they looked upset.


Before Monty was capable of clearly seeing what had happened, his head was hit, the thud resonating loudly in his ears.

Roy stopped moving for a second and looked at Monty, a trace of contempt on his face. He then pursued his actions.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

He continued swinging heavy blows at Monty's head, which made the latter unable to fight back in any way, shape, or form.

If there was one thing to be said about Monty, it was that he was extremely tough. He was so tough in fact that he actually managed to hold on despite the beating. He didn't give in!

"That's really troublesome," Roy mumbled with a long, disbelieving face. He stretched out his finger without second thought.

With a snap, a ray of golden light burst out from his hand and quickly turned into a golden short blade. For a second time, he rushed at Monty without even thinking twice.

If he successfully launched this attack, Roy's second battle was soon going to come to an end.

As soon as Roy was no less than an arm away from Monty, Monty's eyes flashed a firm and serious glare. He howled loudly, grabbing onto Roy with one of his hands. With two of his other free hands, he clasped onto Roy's body, squeezing tightly.

When fighting an opponent at close distance, the Nine Li Wild Body became even stronger and more powerful. It was both extreme and breathtaking to watch.

Many of the Wild Gods were strong with more hands. Now that Monty bounded Roy, the result would be hard to predict.

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